Abernathy Albino Texan Aztecas

Light at the end of the tunnel? YES! I finally can tell you that we’ll be done with posting entries for the Shadow League next Friday, December 9th. Finally! Thanks for all your patience as we wrap this up and start the vote!

Davey! Super cool simple concept. I even like the color way. What if you made the middle portion of the “A” an eye? Or even a mouth? I also think you need to add claws to the right foot of the “A”, just as you’e done to the other side. Other than that great work!

Mike! Whoa! Great concept but that dino looks familiar, too Toronto Raptors-ish. Can you make the dino head more your own? Other than that I really like the concept and how you’ve presented it. Dinosaur and dynamite is a great idea for a mash-up. Get to it!

Tyler! Super super cool. Love the Longhorns reference. Absolutely brilliant! One-and-done!

Fernando! This is how you take criticism! Well done! You’ve made the Aztec glyph concept your own. Very impressive. Done!


6 thoughts on “Abernathy Albino Texan Aztecas

  1. Loving the innuendo in the Bottom Feeders, and the last line in the submission makes me wish their was some script that said “Messin’ with Texas” or something. Another solid concept that speaks to the Shadow League vibe, or maybe I’m just partial to caps with front-on catfish portraits…Go Mudcats!

  2. Preciate it guys. I have been wanting to make this one for a while…seemed perfect for the shadow league. Would love to rock this New Era down here in Austin.

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