Just Kidding!

I know, I know. We were done. But here are the last of the stragglers and the ones that I never got in my Inbox. I turned away a few so don’t think I’m a softy bending the rules. Anyhow, it’ll take a few days for us to get the ballot in order. So what’s a few more?

Ryan! See one color is awesome! Love this guy.

Mike! Better. I like that shape, part droplet-part flame. I think I liked the stick of dynamite in there better though. If you get picked, we’ll work on it. Great work though, I like the black and white colorway.

Gyula! Much better. And those tentacles have made the whole thing tripy in that Cthulhu sort of way. Done!

Stewart! Awesome. 70’s or 80’s era awesome with a 2012 Clink Room name. Done!


3 thoughts on “Just Kidding!

  1. Hellrays is one of the best entries we have. The colors make it feel very Chinese. Very nice. Something looks a bit off to me on the tooth on the top right, but the rest of it is dead-on!

  2. Gotta say I’m so glad this thing is finally wrapping up.

    Hellrays – Nice one colour! I would have preferred a flip of the colourway though, I can’t see many people wearing a bright yellow hat?… Although I may be wrong.

    Albinos – No offence, I liked your original better. But that’s still a really nice “A” shape.

    Squidheads – Nice curly tentacle addition!

    Sea Monkeys – Nice Re-do! Shame you had to abide by the colour rules, because your original was real nice (perhaps in another league?)

  3. What a way to wrap this up. Solid revisions from all.

    Hell Rays: I agree with Aussie Ry, if this hat makes the cut, flip the colors. Red crown with a bright yellow-orange Ray firing across it would look dope.

    Dinos: Has a lot of elements that coexsist in a great way: Mountains, fire, oil with a crazed ALertasauraus to boot. I agree, the stick of dynamite is missing. I say add some red threading and/or a red button to hint at the dynamite and the fuse.

    Squids: Great color combination; I hope it sticks if it wins. Also, maybe add green bands inside the cap (that are normally black on most caps) to look like tentacles.

    Sea Monkeys: Great re-do! I see some gold rope stitching incorporated into this cap. If that’s too modern to go with the pirate theme, add an flip down eye patch from the under brim.

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