Kicking the New Year off Right!

Friday, we being the Shadow League vote! Here’s a sneak of a few upcoming Clink Room swag. 5 new hat styles in the hopper. Including our first snapback, 2 new patches, our first denim hat and Reject League and Night League designs up the wazoo. It’s gunna to be fun!


22 thoughts on “Kicking the New Year off Right!

  1. super-excited about new caps, but…

    please NO MORE adjustab… erm, “snapbacks”

    i know i’m just one voice and opinion, but i was happy to leave them behind in the 80s (when i was a kid) and upgrade to the quality of fitted caps.

    i’d be upset to have to pass on a good clink design just because its on an adjustable cap. :(

  2. Trying to guess which designs all those caps are. Really difficult because of how colors get changed up from concept to production. I’m very excited to get to see them soon, though!

  3. I’m with Juan Carlos on this – Definitely looking forward to the denim, all day every day. Also that black and green is mean! Looks like someone beat me to it on my Fugu colourway.

    Also, judging by the sticker on that first hat, I’d say that’s the snapback and if so, having the white front panels looks F-f-f-f-fresh!

  4. that grey one is sewergators… which is awesome.

    but yeah that black/neon green has got me most excited :O)

    btw thanks casey for hearing me out…forgive my poor manners, i forgot to put a “please” in there.

    heh, goes to show just how far under my skin the “snapback” movement gets… 😛

    oh, and i’m totally on board with nathan’s hope for the next 1/150 in 2012!!!

  5. That Snapback looks like a Clink Kong colorway. I agree with Tanas about the style, though Clink Kong would DEFINITELY justify its comeback (and I’m super serious about this).

    I wonder what the Red/Navy combo is…

  6. Justin, Roadkill ‘sub’? Did you redo it?
    If it still has the same theme of dead animals, I bet it would look good on the denim, although I also wonder if that would look good with the Slumber Jacks.

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