Shadow League Vote

The Shadow League vote is finally here. Anyone can vote! If you submitted a design, then you get 5 votes, if you didn’t you get 3. We want it to be known that the while the vote is important, the final decision will be made by Jason and I. But the vote is still very influential.

Here’s how it works…

Download the PDF Ballot (About 10MB).
• When you’re ready to vote, send your email to Shadow League Votes. (
• IMPORTANT: The subject of your email must read “SHADOW LEAGUE VOTE” in order for your vote to count.

• If you submitted a design, you get 5 votes. The order doesn’t matter. It should look something like this…

• If you didn’t submit a design you get 3 votes. Your email should look something like this…

• Voting ends on Thursday morning, December 22th when we open our emails.
• Winners will be announced Friday, December 23nd.

I’m so pumped! Good luck to everyone. Have a great rest of your week.

PS. Same as the last contest, shout out your favorites in the comments.


79 thoughts on “Shadow League Vote

  1. I really really liked Sam’s Giraffes entry, its such a beautifully rendered design not only that but the bean and cheese colors with the retro look are fantastic! Goof luck to you Sam, and good luck to the rest of the competitors!

  2. By far this was the toughest contest to vote for. I had like 4 entries that didn’t make the cut that I would have absolutely loved to vote for. Very tough. I voted for 2 out of 3 of my own (Jesters, Jackalopes), #43/Robot, #19/Squid, and #39/El Rays (with the colors reversed). Very tough vote. I love the fluidity of the El Rays, the creative use of composition and space of the Squid, and the campy/retro/foreign feel of the robot designs. And of my own, I still like the way I used the negative space on the Jesters, and I am in love with the fire antlers of my Jackalopes.

    Great job to everyone!

  3. Awesome list. Three just jumped out at me right away.

    #37 (the tentacle 8) was the one-est and done-est of all the entries. Instant Clink.
    #26 (the eels, without the name spelled out) — WOW. Almost Instant Clink.
    #130 (flannel cattle) — phenomenal. It just feels clever.

    The closest to breaking into the top 3, for me, was that giraffe design!

  4. I used one of my votes on myself (#52, Logger Lagers) of course, but my other votes were as follows…

    #37 (Eels) – Gorgeous concept, the script would make an awesome patch but the primary logo is the cap for sure

    #82 (Buffaloes) – The colorway on this is fantastic, and the Bison B is so nicely executed

    #109 (Infantry) – I had to, this one cracked me up when I first saw it

    #120 (Roundabouts) – Such a simple mark, but so well done… Would make for an awesome cap logo, no doubt

    This was much tougher then last round for sure, looking forward to seeing who wins, and also to seeing the talent that shows-up for the next round

  5. Some great designs here,
    #49 I think the ghoast riders is perfect for the shadow theme.
    #104 I think the concept and look is geat and will look kick ass with metallic thread.
    #127 I think the monkey works well with the shadow concept.
    I did not vote for the #26 eels only becuase i thought it would get the votes it needs, great design.
    More great entries but did not get time to enter so i only get 3 votes.

  6. So many awesome entries; it was definitely hard to pick. And, I ALMOST felt bad voting for my own designs over some of these really incredible entries. I did it anyway (I’m not that magnanimous).

    So, I voted for:
    28 RazorBats
    22 Centaurs
    7 Jesters (Dear New Orleans, replace the Zephyrs with this design TODAY!)
    103 Moths (With a metallic thread, those wings will look incredible)
    104 Trojan Horses (what a great name and awesome design. Love the circuitry.)

    Good luck everybody!

  7. Yep the numbers are screwed up.

    Also on the Brandiose scavenger hunt I thought the people who got the letters first in email were getting a prize…

  8. Wow, lots of entries to pour over.

    Out of my five designs, I hope 102 and 135 are contenders. Good luck to all who entered. This contest will be really tough to win.

  9. Death Vally Riders! East side Eels! And my fav is my homie Sams bull riders being a Taurus the bull wit pull! Lol and I know it’s not in the mix of things but TJ”s shams “S” should be a wild card entry I’ve been having dreams about that dam S for a min!

  10. The ballot was messed up royally. So sorry. It should be fixed now. I’ll be sure to mark all the votes that have been submitted up to this point.

    If you’ve already voted, feel free to vote again. We only have 75 votes as of 9AM PST so I’ll know which ones are redundancies and delete the original emails.

    Again, so sorry guys! Someone double check the ballot for me and tell me it’s OK in the comments.

  11. C’mon, 83! Lunarovers is hands down my favorite. It had been so long since I last saw it, but I feel in love all over again. Awesome that the way he’s posed shows a lack of gravity. It’s such a clever idea and just so clean with a unique style.

    I went through and noted my top 15, then cut that down to to 7, and then still had to whittle that down to make my vote. Great work, everybody. Bummer that some good stuff will get left out, but considering the competition there is no shame in that.

  12. Three designs stand out to me:

    #26 – Eastside Eels

    #163 – Bangkok Soaring Thai-gers

    #177 – Alberta Trikes

    Each adhered to the guidelines to (1) use one color, (2) keep it simple, (3) use icons, and (4) keep it completely original. Each came closest, in my mind, to capturing the simplicity of the Sea Devils logo/cap that inspired the Shadow League contest (still can’t believe that I didn’t get my hands on a 7 5/8 Sea Devils cap). Each is good enough to be used – as is – by a professional franchise on either the major or minor-pro level.

    Hell, my biggest regret is that only one of them can be judged the winner, because I’d rule it a three-way tie between these designs and make all three of them available. That’s how good they are.

  13. So many great designs! Very tough to choose just 5.

    I kept all my votes to one color designs, as I understood it that was the point of the league and I couldn’t bring myself to vote for designs with 2+ colors, though there were some awesome ones in that category.

    I had to vote for my 2 entries, the Hoboken Hobos(17) and the Montréal Olympiques(20). Real proud of how they came out, really enjoyed the challenge of doing a one color design.

    My other choices were (excuse my forgetting the names) 39(flaming rays), 95(deer pilot guy) and 108(duststorm). All awesome.

    I almost broke my one color rule and put a vote in for 31(Curse), couldn’t stop laughing when I first saw Bartman’s face, and it’s so well rendered.

    Kudos to everyone who participated, some terrific stuff all around!

  14. So many good entries, but I went with:

    #137 – Sacred Baboons

    #69 – Shadow Riders

    #94 – Abducted Heads

    #119 – Infantry

    #26 – Eels

  15. Wow some quality entries… Not much love for mine though, 85, but thats cool and understandable considering the competition, but its getting my vote haha.. Really proud of how it came out, took a bit of effort to make it one colour.. But everyone should be really proud of their entries.. Really hard to pick.. Heres mine..Im not sure of names so Ill just put a description

    85 – BombarDeers
    134 – Owl Eyes
    104 – Circuitry Horse (Saw this in a previous comp, would love to see it in silver embroidery)
    37 – Tentacled Figure 8

    The 5th was a hard one, cos I like 3, 4, 19 and 26…26 (Eel E) is getting a lot of love, so perhaps it doesnt need my vote..ah but it deserves it haha, cheers guys..

  16. Just noticed my number has been changed from 85 to 95, thats unfortunate for my votes..Re-vote time.. Casey Ill be re-voting..

  17. Soooo…… I guess that message to my family and friends is now going to get a bunch of other people votes, you’re welcome!…

    I think in future it should be ALL Jason & Casey who decide completely, OR let them come up with rounds of shortlists in which we can vote on.

    As, I now feel that any votes I’ve received are now worthless.

  18. the three H’s are monsters in my opinion: Haboobs (108), Heartbreakers (111), and Hobos (17) – the best designs arent just nice renderings, but ones that have a “personality” and a solid theme to them. I havent voted and I do get 5 votes, but havent nailed them down yet.

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  20. All extremely talented individuals who are entering. Here’s my opinion on the lot.

    In order of dopeness…
    1) 144
    2) 37
    3) 93
    4) 88
    5) 46

  21. Only voted for 1 color designs (shouldnt they all be 1 color? – havent checked on this league in a while)
    37(teal figure 8)
    163(tiger with wings)

    I personally feel that only entrees that followed the 1 color rule should win, I mean some of these entrees completely missed the point of the league.

  22. I see now this Brandio… grandiose mistake, what you made…
    Why did you write just in a quiet comment?! Sorry, but I think my indignation is rightful.
    Why do the votes decide this collaboration? I think it would be fairer than this “who scrapes up more i-like-you friend”, hmm?
    That was sooo lamer..

  23. I get the voting-part to get the Clinkroom-community participating but i think the bigger the contests get the harder it’ll be (ShadowLeague has the biggest turn-around yet).

    I firmly believe that everyone deserves a chance but i think Jason & Casey could do a preliminary check to see whether the entries comply with the rules ie. one-color etc.
    But as they stated before, Jason & Casey have the final say.

  24. Just voted for 46, 57, and 171. It was really tough to just pick 3. I didnt vote for one of my favs because it seems like so many other people are it will probably win anyway.

  25. Narrowed it down to these so far:
    -26 eastside eels
    -30 windy city curse
    -37 the kraken
    -39 el hell rays
    -46 florida lawn flamingos
    -72 giraffes
    -163 bangkok soaring thai-gers
    Probably will take me untill deadline to pick only 3, I want these hats sooo bad lol

  26. Gyula killed it with the Providence SQUIDHEADS!!! #149!
    SeaDevils vs. Squidheads Game of the Week.

    …93 and 144 arent half bad either 😉

  27. – 166
    – 37
    – 98 (different color)

    love that batsting (#166). great color choice!
    there are so many good ones!!! good luck to all of you guys

  28. Just voted!

    I had three entries (Mustachios,41; Chums,13; Hailing Marys,29) but I voted for two of them. Dachshunds (76) by my Good Friend Aussie Ry, Foresters (165), and for the sake of the Clink’s very first red cap, The Jackalopes (27)!

    Super Excited! Best of luck!

  29. I’m pretty sure that the rules of the Shadow League, stated 1 or 2 colours max! they never said whether that included the actual cap colour. That said all of my designs fall within those rules, yet a lot of people seem to be ALL ABOUT 1 colour only! Does that my Fugu entry having white eyes should then be excluded from getting your vote!?…or anything else which includes a second colour but is still a silhouette?…

  30. Props to all the entries, great work all around, good luck to all.

    I printed the ballot in black and white and just looked at the design itself. Then if I couldn’t decide, I checked the color version to decide.

    Per the contest rules:
    Design: You only need to design a cap mark. Maybe a couple supporting marks would better sell the idea to other Clinkers, but it’s not necessary. Keep it simple! It should be one color with the cap color as a background. 2 colors at most. Think of all the great retro logos that use only silhouettes and shadows of creatures as logos.

    I think that if the design was posted on the ballot, it should have been considered. Afterall, the designs can be modified even after winning.

  31. I’m pretty sure my enteries have no shot. That’s fine, helluva contest and the competition was tough. Hopefully I can learn from this and produce better next time. I thought my Flaming Peccaries would have been a contender, but it’s hard to compete with the level of designers we have here.

    Congrats to the soon-to-be winners! Well done and I cannot wait to see the end products.

  32. Shout out to Corey B for voting for my Davis Dachshunds entry! 😉

    I hope you saved one of your own votes for your Hailing Mary’s I loved that fat nun! I feel that both you and I came along way from our first ever entries in this league through to our most recent ones. Can’t wait to see what we can come up with next league! Good luck to you Sir.

  33. Hopefully I didn’t sound like Casey was not helpful or discouraging in anyway. He was very helpful, and I think was just encouraging me to take guaranteed money over “maybe” money by sticking around and hoping I would win. He answered questions for me and helped me decide on a price, etc. Thanks Casey for that, although I still hope to win in the Clink Room one day just for pride after all the time and designs I’ve submitted.

    TJ =

  34. Brian, thanks for the props on the Trikes. I have an updated version in my back pocket that is flipped and more sleek. The head leans back more, but the horns still point straight out. The triangle is more condensed vertically, too.

    As always, I see a lot of variety in the favorites which makes it a nail-biter. I’m sure most of us are quite anxious.

  35. My vote is going for #4, #178, #165, #122,#114. With #122 being my own design the Carnivorous Oxen. I had a hard time choosing between the 5 for my vote. A ton of great entries. Came close to choosing #30 and #84. But opted with #4 and #114 instead.

  36. Pretty cool to see all the entries in one place. My choice basically boiled down to, “yeah i could see myself wearing that design” so i picked the following:

    Irradiated Ground Squirrels, #168 (come on now – gotta pick my own!),
    the sweet 70’s owl (#144 – i think this one might win…i kind of hope it does),
    the storm (#108 – great, great logo. Simple design that is both very expressive and gives a soild sense of place. This is what a sports logo should be in my opinion. I could see this being an acutual MILB team),
    UC Davis wiener dog (#76 – props for making it the school colors, too),
    Flannel Ox (#140 – sweet logo – would be sweet in any colorway)

    Some designs didn’t get my vote just because of colorways i didnt like…#4 )logo gets kind of lost in the brightness) #23 & #26 (I feel like an eel should have some nautical colors). i could see myself voting differently with different colorways on some. Which i suspect might get all thrown around for whatever designs make it through, this is my first Clinkroom contest experience. Good luck to all!

  37. finally just put in my vote… here were my three picks:

    5) Dark Doves – i think this is the perfect conceptual realization of the Shadow League… mash-up, silhouette, single color, “shadow”… and clever!

    47) Nite Owls – a bit the opposite of why i love the Dark Doves, but this design is just too perfect for me!

    108) Haboobs – wow! what a meeting of the two divergent directions of the two entries above! amazing design details (like Nite Owls) applied to a single colored mashed-up concept that also reads as a silhouette! amazing!

    mad mad mad honorable mentions to 37 Kraken, 94 Abducted Heads and 149 Cthulu… i’ll be proud to wear any and all of these caps!!!

    good luck!

  38. ok im just gonna promote mine a little bit before i name my favorites
    Please vote for 118(Pop Flies) 119(Infantry) and 178(Spider Monkeys)!!!!!!!

    ok so my favorites are:





    you guys have some talent!! good luck everyone!! And thanks to those who voted for mine!!!

  39. Shout out to Tom N. for throwing my UC Davis Dachshunds a vote!

    “This is what a sports logo should be in my opinion. I could see this being an acutual MILB team” Thanks Tom!

    I really appreciate it! As I feel my Philly Fat Rats and Fukushima Fluro Fugu (very early entries in the comp) were my strongest entries, but it seems there is a lot of love for the WIENER DOG out there! This was also my first Clink Room Collab experience too and it won’t be my last!

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  41. Interesting that it’s on the New Era Cap Talk. They should be interested. I do wonder, though, since it’s another subset of people, that they would understand the Shadow concept. There are a lot of great designs that would be hard to produce in one color (or a minimal 2nd), but they might not know about that. Regardless, I’m betting hundreds and hundreds of people are putting in their vote, which is cool.

  42. This dude Sam straight killed it again! With both the giraffes and the bulls!! THis dude is unstoppable, somebody need’a grab a fire extinguisher!!!!

  43. Finally submitted my entry tonight, went with…

    #17 – Hoboken Hobos – Love the ball in the bandana, appreciate that it ties it to baseball without hitting you over the head. Sucker for a gray hat.

    #26 – Eastside Eels – What the challenge was all about and is a field ready design.

    #37 – The Kraken – Just so cool, remarkable that it is so detailed but only one color.

    #52 – Escanaba Logger Lagers – Clever concept that would look awesome embroidered.

    #130 – Olympia Roundabouts – My favorite of my three designs, already has a Twitter account

    Awesome job everybody, looking forward to the next league.

  44. So. Damn. Anxious. I hope to get a great early Christmas present from Clink, but wouldn’t be surprised for a lump of coal. So many other deserving entries here! Good luck to everyone.

  45. Man I hate that my Sasquatch design has gotten like zero love haha – at least Casey liked it when it got posted haha (and I know it got at least a vote from me!) Hopefully next time I’ll have something that’ll tickle your fancies!
    My votes went to #69, #53, #37, #119, #165

    Good luck to everybody – great ballot for this league!

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