Jumbo Clink Kong Pennant-Now Available!

Now available in The Clink Room Store! The Jumbo Clink Kong Pennant! Ever wondered what to do with all those Clink Room Patches? How ’bout tacking up our JUMBO Clink Kong Pennant designed specifically to display your Clink Room Patch collection?

Created by Winning Streak Sport Memorabilia, the folks who make coveted banners and pennants for the NFL, the NBA, MLB, and the NHL. This is the first time that they have ever created a pennant with 100% embroidery! Premium wool blend felt, with none of that cheesy silk screened garbage.

Measuring 41 inches long and 17 1/2 inches tall, the wool blend fabric is a mix of The Clink Room’s signature rich blue-violet and white. With satin-thread embroidery. And featuring, for the first time, the Clink Kong javelin logo embroidered on the right blue-violet field.

As a special bonus, we’re giving you Clinkers the chance to complete your patch collection by giving you the option to choose the patch that you want included with the Jumbo Clink Kong Pennant. You have your choice of Kong Vampire, Kong Back-to-School, Scrapes, Wheelers, Walbats, Sludgebugs, or let us choose a patch at random. There will only be 10 of each of the “Choose Your Patch” options. So if you’ve been pining over a certain patch, here’s your chance!

Show your Clink Pride and grab yours!

Last Entries of the Shadow League!

We made it! Amazing work everyone. Really. I’ve had people like Nai of Strictly Fitted(Guys that know their hats.), call me just to say how excited they were by the designs this League has generated. You all should be very proud. If you didn’t see your entry posted, it probably because you submitted too late. I’m sorry if there was any confusion, but I had to draw the line. Next contest! Again great work. Lets wrap this puppy up!

Brandon! MUCH better. Much. Done!

Scott! I like it. 70’s sports logo-ish. A very hard era to mimic. Very impressed. One-and-done!

Scott again! Much better! You’ve owned the concept and it looks great. Done!

Nate! Way to put this baby to bed on a weird note. I really love this concept and a black banana is funny on it’s own. Add a couple wings and you’re soaring into the weird Hall-of-fame. One-and-done!

Wall Street Yucca Zany Grandmasters

Kolja! Alright, way to keep it topical. This is a great representation of the bull sculpture in lower Manhattan. An impressive feat. Anytime you render a sculpture in 2D it difficult to communicate it’s style and you’ve done it. I think those 2 circles in the front of the bull are supposed to be the quarters you’ve mentioned in the story but I don’t think you need them. You’ve said plenty with the dead bull. For the sake of the contest you’ve got yourself a one-and-done! Way to go!

Tom! Wow this is a cool design. It really looks like a sign or seal that you might see plastered along the side of a road leading to a hazardous or nuclear waste site. Well done! One-and-done in fact!

Kim! Love the redo! Done!

T.J.! Master of the bitmap. Another great entry, beautifully executed! Way to get a big contender in right under the wire. One-and-done.

Smelter Manic Twin Whales

Tony! Cool redo! Well done! Done!

Fidel! Now, Fidel sent us this entry with an explanation that he doesn’t know how to use Illustrator and that he tried his best with what he had. And I love that. I could tell that it took a lot for him to get this entry to this point. And look how cool the results are! I think this guy is awesome. Like he’s in a secret Kung Fu-Wu Tang pose. Ready to strike. Love the colorway as well. Great work Fidel! One-and-done!

Rashid! Very cool concept. Love how the Sparrows make the “S” with their negative shape. I don’t think you need to have the yellow in there for it to read as an “S”. In fact, I’ll bet that as long as the hat color and the embroidery color have enough contrast, you’ll see and “S”. I think the current “S” shape weighs down the lightness and speed of the sparrows and with out it, the sparrows will seem more energetic! Great start!

Elvis! I love me that old Whalers logo that you’re referencing. One of the best in the history of sports logos. I’m worried that this is just a cartoon version of that logo and that we might be in some grey legal territory with this one. What does everyone else think?

Maui Nightmen Reaper She Goats

Eric! Whoa! Sa-weet! I love that wolf head. ANd the way you’ve done the body and legs of the spider is great. This, as is, is a one-and-done. But I wonder if you could create a more simple version? Could you get the head, on it’s own, to read as a wolf crossed with a spider? Tough challenge, but I think you’re up to it. Great work on this one!

Ian! Love me some Sunny! How horrible are those characters? Just the worst(best) people ever, other than Larry David. I think this is a great concept but one that I would be cautious to produce for Clink. They would probably have 1000 Fox lawyers on our ass. But I love that you did it, and it deserved to be seen. Great stuff!

F.! Cool, straight forward concept, executed simply and adeptly. Very cool! One-and-done!

Ryan! Yes! I love when I feel heard. I love this chick! No really, I love her. Done!

Logger Kyoto Kauai Jackalopes

Ryan! Perfect redo! Done! PS. I love that Miller Highlife/lumber jack girl! Now that’s thinkin’.

Efra! EPIC!!! Oh man is it going to to be tough picking the winners of this contest. This in metallic gold! I love Kaiju! One-and-done.

Eric! Wow, what an amazing cartoon chicken. This thing is taken right out of the restaurant mascot hall-of-fame. I think it reads as a “K” already but I think it would help to make the chicken larger in relation to the palm. Don’t you think? One-and-done though. That small change doesn’t make or break the entry. Great work!

Kevin! Great changes! Just that little bit of extra massaging sent this thing into greatness. Well done! I mean, done!

Curse Heartbreaker Devils

Justin! Man you know how to layout an entry form. Oh yeah, and the hat design is great as well. Love it. It feels Major League which is tough to do and fits the story perfectly. Great work. One-and-done.

Option #2! I love it. But I like the first one best. Is everyone in agreement? I really like that you’ve attacked the problem will 2 entries. Choice is nice.

Patrick! A-MAZ-ING! This thing is made for embroidery!!! Absolutely amazing. One-and-done! May be one of my favorite designs ever.

Scott! Hell’s Kitchen is amazing territory for a fictional team! Love it. And the colorway you’ve chosen is perfect. Feels all hot and steamy. What’s the significance of the Blind Devils? Is that a bit of folklore from Hell’s Kitchen? What if you went really literal with it and made a retro cartoon devil in chef’s garb? I like the “HK” I’m just a little lost with the blind part. But seriously, look at the Arizona Sun Devils and then find a cartoon chef and mash em. Great start!

One more week of post to go and then we vote! Finally! Jason and I will be posting from the road. With the Winter Meetings being in Dallas all next week. If you live in the area, keep a look out for a couple busses with our faces on them making 100 stops at the airport. Kick this weekend’s ass everyone!

Deathly Gibraltar Buffalo Bullseyes

Szabolcs! Great work! Love the medieval angle. Done!

Davey! This thing is so funny and weird. Great work! Done!

Kurt! YES! Kurt sent me another option with a hand in the air, but I think the rope works great! Epic entry. Done!

Scott! Super cool. But I’m worried that it might tread on copyright infringement. What about an arrow in the middle of the bullseye? That would be amazing and no one will get sued! Win-win as the lawyers like to say. Get to it!