Inspiration: Ken Barber Interview

Here’s a great little interview with the father of our new Brandiose script, Ken Barber of House Industries. Ken was amazing to collaborate with. Every conversation we had during the process was this cerebral, poetic experience. Really fun. Ken’s the best at what he does, lets all take a minute to learn a little from the best!

House Industries: Interview with Ken Barber from Gestalten on Vimeo.

Reading Phillies-Home Run Derby

Wanna see why Reading Pennsylvania is one of the greatest places in the World? Check out what their Home Run Derby is going to look like at this year’s Eastern League All-Star Game.

Jason and I were present for the birth of this idea. I can’t wait to see it come to life. We might just have to be there in person. Scott Hunsicker is one of our best buddies and this is how he is when you are having a beer with him. Exactly like this.

Flying Tigers: Pt. 3

And here’s the final family of marks. We got a little carried away with the theme elements, as you can see. But isn’t that what makes life fun? I’ve been getting carried away with more projects lately and it’s fun to see how deep you can go with something. Sleeve patches, alternate versions, 2 versions of our pin-up girl and of course the hat mark and jersey script.

Here are some of the “medals” that we created. As well as custom kill marks, palm frond “scrambled eggs” for the manager hat, and jersey numbers.