Flying Tigers: Pt. 3

And here’s the final family of marks. We got a little carried away with the theme elements, as you can see. But isn’t that what makes life fun? I’ve been getting carried away with more projects lately and it’s fun to see how deep you can go with something. Sleeve patches, alternate versions, 2 versions of our pin-up girl and of course the hat mark and jersey script.

Here are some of the “medals” that we created. As well as custom kill marks, palm frond “scrambled eggs” for the manager hat, and jersey numbers.


14 thoughts on “Flying Tigers: Pt. 3

  1. love dem winged stars.

    the coolest part of the girl design is if you’re not paying attention you don’t even notice the tiger stripes in the bomber jacket 😉

    is it ok to ask, since this is another Detroit Tigers affiliate, does Brandiose work with the Toledo Mud Hens too?

  2. Also do they NOT have an online store? I was curious what the other merch looks like but I looked at the site and don’t see one anywhere.

  3. Im pretty sure they don’t have an online store. I made sure to catch a game on my way back from a weekend in Orlando.

    There’s overboard, and then there is fully hashing out a concept. You guys definitely nailed that second one. But that’s what puts you head and shoulders above the rest. Can’t wait to see the final hat.

    Oh and those medal designs are just begging to be put on some patches.

  4. So is the reason some of the hats have the yellow palm frons on the bill, the difference between a manger hat and a player hat? I have the one without the yellow on the bill. Not even sure one was available with the yellow on the bill when my Mother in Law picked it up. However since I got mine I have seen some for sale with the bill detail. Just wondering the deal.


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