Inspiration: Ken Barber Interview

Here’s a great little interview with the father of our new Brandiose script, Ken Barber of House Industries. Ken was amazing to collaborate with. Every conversation we had during the process was this cerebral, poetic experience. Really fun. Ken’s the best at what he does, lets all take a minute to learn a little from the best!

House Industries: Interview with Ken Barber from Gestalten on Vimeo.


5 thoughts on “Inspiration: Ken Barber Interview

  1. Very inspiring, Casey! Thanks for posting this. Type is so beautiful, and so hard to create. This is good inspiration to try and incorporate some typography into the next hat contest. I was surprised when you didn’t design the Brandiose script yourself, but after seeing this, I can certainly understand how you could trust House.

  2. I’ve created several fonts over the years, but never to the skill level of these guys. It’s so stinking tedious, they must love what they do.

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