B.T.S. Bowling Green Hot Rods – Pt.3

And this is the final/core family of logos. From the “BG” to the flames, I think this project was a real turning point in the evolution of our branding work. In subtle, wonky ways of course. Small things like the grill on the car and the tail pipes, insure that the logo looks good embroidered and printed at any size.

We also didn’t give up on the monkey concept. Throwing a bunch of color versions at them. I’m not sure any of these are used atually. Might be the first time they’ve seen the light of day. Really love the crash helmet. Oh well.

Tomorrow morning, we’ll preview the hat. Tomorrow night, it’ll be available in the Clink store!

B.T.S. Bowling Green Hot Rods – Pt.2

After the first round of sketches we got a pat on the back, but nothing wowed them. So we hit the sketchbook once again. This time ’round, they wanted to see more monkey themed stuff. I need one of those hotrod pedal cars.

They also wanted to see a few more Sparkplug options. So we added a couple more variations to the heap. Mashing stunt drivers and peeling-out to the icon mix.

Tomorrow, we’ll show you haw it all came together in color. Thursday, the hat will be available!

B.T.S. Bowling Green Hot Rods – Pt.1

Behind-the-Scenes of the Bowling Green Hotrods commin’ at ya! Like always, we hit that sketchbook. This time with a few name options in mind, we’re going to feature 2, hotrods and spark plugs. Both great, but of course Hotrods won out. Bowling Green, Kentucky is the home of Corvette so a car-culture themed team name was a gift from the baseball gods. There is such a deep well of inspirational icons to choose from. Racing, customizing culture, and stunt men just to name a few.

I really love the spark plug turned hotrod concept and the “SP” is pretty sweet. The spark plug with eyes has an unfortunate shape to it though.

Tomorrow, more sketches!

B.T.S.- Pensacola Blue Wahoos Pt.2

Fish are hard to draw. This is one of those projects that I’m grateful for the sketching phase. Some of these sketches are really awkward, but once we got it into Illustrator and massaged it, I think it came out great.

You can see the chosen logos in the series below.

Tomorrow, we’ll show you the final logos and tease the hat. Thursday morning we’ll show you the hat. Thursday night it’ll go on sale.

B.T.S.- Pensacola Blue Wahoos Pt.1

Lets launch another Pensacola Official On-Field! Did you know we started out the project with 3 names in the running? These were the 2 that didn’t get picked, obviously. That Loggerhead shell would be great in embroidery.

Sometimes you just do stuff that you’re not that into. The Mullets sketches here are in that category for me. One thing we did miss with these concepts, none of the Mullets have mullets. I hate myself for missing that.

Thank You Clinkers!

It’s been too long since we’ve told you how much we appreciate you. Clinkers have really stepped up to support what we’re doing. I had a feeling 2012 was going to be a good one and it really is turning out that way. All because of you guys! We have tons of things planned for the year keep up the positivity, the support, and we’ll keep Clinkin’. Thank you!

And kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!

AquaSox – Restocked!

This is one of our favorite caps that we’ve ever designed for a Minor League team. It’s inspired by the retro-Seattle Mariners triton. Sometimes the simple solution is the best solution.

If you missed it last time, here’s your chance to grab it again. Go to The Clink Room store to get yours here!