B.T.S.: Sewer Gators Pt. 1

Lets get a new collaboration style out there! Tom’s Sewer Gators was a design that Jason and I knew we wanted to add to Clink the moment we saw it. I love how Tom’s design style is so steady and meticulous. From pencil to vector it all exudes Tom’s style.


10 thoughts on “B.T.S.: Sewer Gators Pt. 1

  1. I’m glad to see this one finally join the Reject League family, Tom has had some awesome entries and this one is up there, a lot of personality and fun in this cap. Way to go Tommy!

  2. Fantastic sketches! I wish I had the time to make my sketches this polished off. Mine are usually quick—and crappy—thumbnails. Great work!

  3. Thanks, all! This has been fun to create.
    Kevin, I sure sometimes do quick and dirty thumbnails, but one thing I learned from this site is that it’s often easier to make decisions and adjustments in pencil and eraser first.

  4. Curious to see if you went heads or tails on this one. I’m assuming heads, but I might be wrong. Either way, lots of good elements to embroider here. Can’t wait to see the the final result.

  5. and Kevin, your work is awesome, sketches or not. You take those thumbnails a long way with very clean results. Much cleaner than mine.

  6. Tom – I realise that the two options for this hat are heads or tails, however I’m a massive fan of your top sketch here! It’s the best of both worlds, including that awesome sewer plate lid design.
    Can’t wait to see this one drop like it’s hot!

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