Sewer Gators – Available Tonight!

Tom Richards’ available tonight, 9PM PST Midnight EST.


10 thoughts on “Sewer Gators – Available Tonight!

  1. Turned out absolutely fantastically! Great job by Tom, New Era, Strictly Fitteds, The Clink Room, Brandiose and anyone else that deserves credit. Looks really great. I’d buy it in a second, except I am morally and ethically bound as a Philadelphian to never buy anything with the letters NYC on it. But, seriously, awesome work.

  2. So glad you guys picked this version. I wasn’t feeling the bat too much. Needless to say though you guys continue to make top quality fitteds. This is definitely being added to my collection as soon as the clock hits midnight here on the East coast. I love metallic gray and the gator looks like a mean mofo.

  3. O GOD…It’s GOOD!!! Mike from Philly…it’s ok brother love, u can rock some NYC gear when it’s this nice. Us NYers won’t be mad…

  4. Thanks for the props, guys, and thanks to Casey for helping to flesh out the gator design and with the kick-butt embroidery. It looks really good in person, too.

    If I were to change anything I’d rework the man hole cover a bit to make it more obvious. Hopefully you New Yorkers see the inspiration, though.

  5. Tom R- growing up, living and workin in NYC I can assure you that your design hits the nail on the head, I’ve been looking forward to this unveiling since concept and couldn’t be more psyched about the finished product. Congrats!!!

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