B.T.S.- Pensacola Blue Wahoos Pt.1

Lets launch another Pensacola Official On-Field! Did you know we started out the project with 3 names in the running? These were the 2 that didn’t get picked, obviously. That Loggerhead shell would be great in embroidery.

Sometimes you just do stuff that you’re not that into. The Mullets sketches here are in that category for me. One thing we did miss with these concepts, none of the Mullets have mullets. I hate myself for missing that.


6 thoughts on “B.T.S.- Pensacola Blue Wahoos Pt.1

  1. since the team is an affiliate of the reds, maybe it would have been cool to keep the name reds but make it refer to redfish rater than the mlb meaning. i like the loggerheads better out of the two though. I agree with kevin… the bottom right is really cool.

  2. You guys gotta release the bottom 2 Loggerheads, either one… and the bottom left Mullets.. Theyd look amazing…Surely as you did them, and they werent used, you have the rights, and can produce them…Please do!!

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