B.T.S.- Pensacola Blue Wahoos Pt.2

Fish are hard to draw. This is one of those projects that I’m grateful for the sketching phase. Some of these sketches are really awkward, but once we got it into Illustrator and massaged it, I think it came out great.

You can see the chosen logos in the series below.

Tomorrow, we’ll show you the final logos and tease the hat. Thursday morning we’ll show you the hat. Thursday night it’ll go on sale.


6 thoughts on “B.T.S.- Pensacola Blue Wahoos Pt.2

  1. SLAY, nope… you can see in both posts this is going to be an Official On-Field. the previous Wahoos drop was an On-Field Alternate, this will either be the home or road cap.

    but speaking of Edition caps, i was just daydreaming about an Asheville Tourists 1 in 150… i bet there was a TON of wacky ideas that got tossed around in there!

  2. Just got a look at the new Pensacola cap and the sketch I was hoping for you have made come true. Just wish that the hook would have stayed for added detail. Will have my overtime put in to get this one on drop day.

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