B.T.S. Bowling Green Hot Rods – Pt.1

Behind-the-Scenes of the Bowling Green Hotrods commin’ at ya! Like always, we hit that sketchbook. This time with a few name options in mind, we’re going to feature 2, hotrods and spark plugs. Both great, but of course Hotrods won out. Bowling Green, Kentucky is the home of Corvette so a car-culture themed team name was a gift from the baseball gods. There is such a deep well of inspirational icons to choose from. Racing, customizing culture, and stunt men just to name a few.

I really love the spark plug turned hotrod concept and the “SP” is pretty sweet. The spark plug with eyes has an unfortunate shape to it though.

Tomorrow, more sketches!


5 thoughts on “B.T.S. Bowling Green Hot Rods – Pt.1

  1. Wondering if you find these kind of names harder because you want to make sure people know it’s baseball, not just some car club logo. Similar name would be something like Racers, or Pacers, where you’d have to balance horse racing/car racing with another sport.

    As far as these, so glad Hot Rods, not Spark Plugs won out.

  2. I noticed that you guys sketch all of your lettering. Is there any benefit from that? Wouldn’t it be easier to just add the font later or is that just for reference?

    • It’s a back and forth process. Since the lettering we do is pretty illustrative, we like to sketch it out to figure out what kinds of tails, rivets, shadows, etc. that will be added to it. And then we create the font in Illustrator so that it’s more structured. Sometimes, like in the case of the Blue Wahoos, we want it to feel hand drawn and folksy from the start.

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