5 Awesome Things

Mudhens’/Tigers’ Maze from last fall. Awesome. Via Farmer Charleys.

Black Thought wearing the Strictly Fitteds’ hat logo we designed. Via Strictly Fitteds. One of the best artists alive, awesome.

Me excited to use the infamous Kid’s Door at the Reading Phillies new team store in person. Via Reading Phillies. Freakin’ kid’s door!!! Are you kidding? Three exclamation points awesome!!!

Slay’s photo of a cute girl wearing his Walbats piece. (Only 4 left!) Girls in Clink, awesome.

More 9 to the Nines sketches. Kid’s decked out like a pro team, awesome.

Kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!

9 to the Nines – Reading, PA Pt. 1

A couple weeks ago Jason and I headed to Reading, PA. to kickoff our inaugural 9 to the Nines event. What is 9 to the Nines? We start by finding a deserving boys and girls club, travel to their hometown, take them through the same process that we take our professional sports teams through, and then create a custom design inspired by their ideas and sketches. A design that they can use for all of their uniforms, banners, and gear. It’s an idea that Jason and I have been wanting to do for a while and the Reading Phillies really helped make it happen. They have a great relationship if the Boys and Girls Club in their area and they are helping bring the project to life by providing uniforms for the 5 Clubs that we’re designing for.

Here’s a selection of photos taken from one of our sessions with they kids. This whole process was 1000% more fun than we thought it would be. We start by asking kids 3 questions, name the coolest animal they can think of, think of a word that best describes their club, and name their favorite colors.

Once we’d written down a selection of animals, descriptive words, and colors, then the kids voted on their favorites.

Jason and I would quickly powwow with each other, distill their votes down into a cool name, and then unveil their handy work. Complete with basketball court hand slap drum rolls. One of my favorite new sounds.

We had some great names the Cobra Squad, the Warrior Cheetahs, the Lighting Wolves, the Awesome Wildcats, and the Golden Panthers. Pretty great stuff.

After the picked their name it was time to hit the drawing board. And the best way to get in the mood to draw super cool sports logos, is to be the Lightning Wolves. And as you can here see, I’ve literally turned into a Lighting Wolf.

The kids had some incredible ideas and designs. Check out that Golden Panther, amazing.

Tomorrow, Part 2 of our 9 to the Nines in Reading, PA! Don’t touch that dial!

State of the Room – Spring 2012

We want to thank all of you that threw your 3 cents into the mix. It really helps us to make what we’re doing better and, as always, we really appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm. This will be Clink v3.0 that we’re working on. (I wish I had screen shots of the first version.) Part of growing Clink has been trying to figure out what Clink isn’t as much as it has been figuring out what Clink is. For instance, initially we saw ourselves as more of a clothing brand. Now we see Clink as more of a designers guild that focuses on the art of the hat. If money was no object, I’d love to make a Threadless style site, where Clinkers submit their designs and the community votes on the concepts while we’re pumping out new hat styles. I think we’re moving towards a version of that and in a few years it could look exactly like that. But I do like that our process is different than a Threadless style forum. I wish we were faster, that we could post and crit more designs, and that we could produce all of the chosen designs right away, but we’re not there yet. We appreciate your patience and I we’ll be getting there soon enough.

Lets dive into it the rest of your ideas!

More Behind-The-Scenes! We totally agree. We are trying to do our best to create more in-depth behind-the-scenes content. Some of these projects that we feature now are older and we don’t have photos etc. to help flesh out the story. But we’re aware that we’re missing some key storytelling tools (video would be one of those tools) and we’re working on adding them to current projects.

Unveiling new teams! Jason and I have been talking about how to make Clink the place for up to date Brandiose news. The problem is that Clink is mostly a Casey job and unveilings are mostly a Jason job. So the two hands of Brandiose need to be better coordinated. We love the idea of having the Official On-Field hat of a newly unveiled team the day of the unveiling. Pensacola was an experiment in that and it worked out great. Hopefully you’ll see more of that.

More behind-the-scenes of Brandiose! Right now, Jason and I don’t work in the same place. So it’s kind of tough to document how we do our day-to-day in a coherent way. But that will be changing next year. We’ll have our own Brandiose HQ and we’ll be documenting it’s creation for you guys to check out. I’m super excited.

More video! I agree more video. At one point we really tried to use video as often as possible to document our process and everything going on with Clink. But it’s very time consuming. As we grow, we will bring other people in to help us document what we’re doing. I hope to have a lot more video in the future.

More Editions! I would love to have more of everything, Collaboration hats, Editions and Official On-Fields. But we really love doing the Collaboration hats. Since we have a fixed budget to produce hats, we’d rather use that budget to make Collaboration hats and Official On-Fields. We want to rethink what we call the Editions, but we haven’t figured out what that’s going to look like. But don’t worry, cork undervisors are here to stay!

Tees! I would love to do tees or other apparel, but we haven’t had a great track record with anything other than hats. Also, tees have so many different fits, they get wrinkled, they take up a lot of room for us to store. I’m a little burnt by tees. Maybe next year, when we have more space, but for now I’m thinking we’re just a hat company.

Searching by available size! This is the greatest idea ever! Thank you, we’re doing it.

A book! This is one of Jason’s future pet projects. I think you could see a book from Brandiose in a couple years.

Restocking! We’re going to start restocking some styles. But again, the more we spend on restocking the less we have to spend on new styles. But we hear you. Long live the Sea Devils!

Clinkers-Round-the-World! I love the idea of a Clinkers-Round-the-World map. We also want to update our photo sharing options add a Twitter feed, Instagram and/or Facebook updates to the blog front page.

Clinker Accounts! Is this really something you guys would want? We’re hesitant because of the all the things that could go wrong. Security, lost data, etc. It makes us nervous. But maybe there’s a middle ground. Lets us sleep on this one.

Clinker Forum! We really like this idea, but again, it would require accounts and security. Do you guys think it would foster more of a community than the current comments section does?

In summation, ahem, you guys are the greatest. Know we’re peddling this thing as fast as possible. Keep Clinkin’. If we missed something that you’d like us to comment on, shout it out in the comments and we’ll try our best to respond.

Delmarva Shorebirds-Available Tonight!

I really consider this design to be patient zero for Brandiose’s obsession with embroidery texture and direction. Check out the embroidery making the feather texture in this logo. For those of you guys that have seen the insanity that is the embroidery on the Mishka X Clink-Cycotics City Fitted, this Shorebirds design is that design’s Grandaddy.

The hat will be available tonight in the Clink Room store at 9pm PST midnight EST.

Delmarva B.T.S. – Pt. 2

A lot of ideas on the cutting room floor here. Lot of ideas. I’m having a hard time remembering which designs made it to the final logosheet. This is an unusual amount of options that we took to the Illustrator level. Not sure why that was, but I can tell you we were pretty pumped about some of these concepts.

When we visited Delmarva we stopped by the Ward Museum, dedicated to the art of carving wildlife, specifically birds, out of wood. The Ward Museum is a monument to wood, wildlife, and time alone in the garage. All of the birds in these images have been carved entirely out of wood. When we rolled into place, we expected to see a bunch of duck decoys. Smooth torpedos of wood, painted up roughly like a duck. But what we saw blew our minds. Each one of these feathers is hand carved. Each leaf and claw sanded to perfection. I mean each feather is carved as thin as a real feather. Mind blowing.

That got us thinking, what if we could use embroidery to create the same effect and texture of the carved feathers for the Shorebird’s logo?

Tomorrow, we’ll preview the hat, tomorrow night it’ll go on sale.

Delmarva B.T.S.- Pt. 1

Great comments and ideas last weekend. I’m going to go through each of them this week. I hope to have a “State of the Room” style address sometime this or next week. I’ll address the general themes that seemed to have emerged. One the theme that was a clear favorite was more behind-the-scenes. And while I don’t have a lot of documentation of the trip, I can show you our process.

Delmarva is an interesting area, one part industrial chicken farm, one part vacation spot, one part scrapple haven. Oh and one part bird wood carving museum. More on that in the next few days. As always, we hit the drawing board. I’m always trying to think up new ways for doing what we do. For this project, we thought we’d sketch directly onto hat templates. I really like some of the thinking that came out of that process. I’m not sure why we never did that again. It really got us in the hat frame of mind.

Long Live Moebius!

Man, another legend has left this World. Moebius is one of the great artists the comic book form has ever produced. The French artist’s work overflows with magic and beauty. When I look at Moebius work, I always feel transported to Worlds so rich with life and culture that it’s difficult for me to believe that they don’t exist or haven’t existed at some point.

Here is Moebius’ Official page.

Here is a great Moebius tumblr with tributes, inspiration, etc. (NSFW)