Delmarva B.T.S.- Pt. 1

Great comments and ideas last weekend. I’m going to go through each of them this week. I hope to have a “State of the Room” style address sometime this or next week. I’ll address the general themes that seemed to have emerged. One the theme that was a clear favorite was more behind-the-scenes. And while I don’t have a lot of documentation of the trip, I can show you our process.

Delmarva is an interesting area, one part industrial chicken farm, one part vacation spot, one part scrapple haven. Oh and one part bird wood carving museum. More on that in the next few days. As always, we hit the drawing board. I’m always trying to think up new ways for doing what we do. For this project, we thought we’d sketch directly onto hat templates. I really like some of the thinking that came out of that process. I’m not sure why we never did that again. It really got us in the hat frame of mind.


9 thoughts on “Delmarva B.T.S.- Pt. 1

  1. As I might be relocating to Delmarva in the (somewhat) near future, I’m especially looking forward to this one. Definitely agree with the others that the Shorebird done Oriole style is awesome. That’s my favorite for sure. Also like the Shorebird with the bat in his beak, the D with feather, and while busy still really cool version with the moon and tall grass. All good looks.

  2. I also really dig the oriole bird with the long beak. I put up a pic of the new Shorebirds hat on the clink picture page. It was from a shoot I did in front of Camden Yards….its a very cool hat.

  3. I *love* the one with the bird in the reeds and the moon in the corner. If it’s not going to fit on a hat, I bet a bunch of the team’s fans would love to see it blown up as a poster — I know I’d really like something like that for my favorite team!

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