Delmarva B.T.S. – Pt. 2

A lot of ideas on the cutting room floor here. Lot of ideas. I’m having a hard time remembering which designs made it to the final logosheet. This is an unusual amount of options that we took to the Illustrator level. Not sure why that was, but I can tell you we were pretty pumped about some of these concepts.

When we visited Delmarva we stopped by the Ward Museum, dedicated to the art of carving wildlife, specifically birds, out of wood. The Ward Museum is a monument to wood, wildlife, and time alone in the garage. All of the birds in these images have been carved entirely out of wood. When we rolled into place, we expected to see a bunch of duck decoys. Smooth torpedos of wood, painted up roughly like a duck. But what we saw blew our minds. Each one of these feathers is hand carved. Each leaf and claw sanded to perfection. I mean each feather is carved as thin as a real feather. Mind blowing.

That got us thinking, what if we could use embroidery to create the same effect and texture of the carved feathers for the Shorebird’s logo?

Tomorrow, we’ll preview the hat, tomorrow night it’ll go on sale.


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