Delmarva Shorebirds-Available Tonight!

I really consider this design to be patient zero for Brandiose’s obsession with embroidery texture and direction. Check out the embroidery making the feather texture in this logo. For those of you guys that have seen the insanity that is the embroidery on the Mishka X Clink-Cycotics City Fitted, this Shorebirds design is that design’s Grandaddy.

The hat will be available tonight in the Clink Room store at 9pm PST midnight EST.


7 thoughts on “Delmarva Shorebirds-Available Tonight!

  1. I am loving these behind-the-scenes looks. Very inspiring. I can’t wait for the next contest. Any idea of how far or soon the next contest might be?

  2. Gorgeous attention to detail with embroidery, guys. Very sharp.

    Questions… when you leverage the texture potential the embroidery provides, do you find yourselves thinking about how the vector art could be retrofitted for consistency? In other words, you can replicate feathers in an otherwise white field, do you then look back at the vector logo art and consider incorporating that detail? Or do you let it lay and chalk it up to bonus?

    • The team picks all of the designs. I don’t think we’ve ever been given the opportunity to choose a concept. Not sure why they chose this one over the others. I do know that they use 4 or 5 designs regularly.

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