9 to the Nines – Reading, PA Pt. 1

A couple weeks ago Jason and I headed to Reading, PA. to kickoff our inaugural 9 to the Nines event. What is 9 to the Nines? We start by finding a deserving boys and girls club, travel to their hometown, take them through the same process that we take our professional sports teams through, and then create a custom design inspired by their ideas and sketches. A design that they can use for all of their uniforms, banners, and gear. It’s an idea that Jason and I have been wanting to do for a while and the Reading Phillies really helped make it happen. They have a great relationship if the Boys and Girls Club in their area and they are helping bring the project to life by providing uniforms for the 5 Clubs that we’re designing for.

Here’s a selection of photos taken from one of our sessions with they kids. This whole process was 1000% more fun than we thought it would be. We start by asking kids 3 questions, name the coolest animal they can think of, think of a word that best describes their club, and name their favorite colors.

Once we’d written down a selection of animals, descriptive words, and colors, then the kids voted on their favorites.

Jason and I would quickly powwow with each other, distill their votes down into a cool name, and then unveil their handy work. Complete with basketball court hand slap drum rolls. One of my favorite new sounds.

We had some great names the Cobra Squad, the Warrior Cheetahs, the Lighting Wolves, the Awesome Wildcats, and the Golden Panthers. Pretty great stuff.

After the picked their name it was time to hit the drawing board. And the best way to get in the mood to draw super cool sports logos, is to be the Lightning Wolves. And as you can here see, I’ve literally turned into a Lighting Wolf.

The kids had some incredible ideas and designs. Check out that Golden Panther, amazing.

Tomorrow, Part 2 of our 9 to the Nines in Reading, PA! Don’t touch that dial!


11 thoughts on “9 to the Nines – Reading, PA Pt. 1

  1. LIGHTING wolves, or LIGHTNING wolves? If its lighting…. what does that mean? Just curious if it was a typo or not.

  2. I second what Chris said. Really awesome to use your talents to give these kids something cool and special that they’ll really enjoy. Great work!

  3. I’m speechless right now. Your “9 to the Nines” initiative strikes me as being, without a doubt, one of the most impressive outreach programs I’ve ever heard of a company engaging in.

    You’ve taken what you love to do – not to mention the discipline in which you make your living – and selflessly put it to work in the service of children. At a critical juncture in their lives, these children are being shown – not just told – that there are adults in the world who are not only willing to take an interest in them and their activities, but – just as importantly – their ideas, opinions, talents, dreams, and ambitions. These kids are encouraged to work side-by-side with adults, and collaboratively with one another, as equals in the creative process. The end result is the creation of a brand that will identify them to the world… a brand that they will forever know came from deep within the wellspring of creativity that exists within them. Talk about a tremendously empowering gift.

    Honestly… I’m on the verge of tears right now just thinking about the charge that those children got out of that day. That is, as my grandmother used to say, “God’s work” right there. Kudos to both of you!

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