Scrappy B.T.S- Pt. 1

This is the original Scrappy and I’ll be honest when we got the call to update this little guy we were pretty nervous. We considered this guy to be a classic. The design embodies the folksy quality that we love in MiLB. But we knew there were a few things we could improve upon. Some of the detail junked up the embroidery on the on-field hat and the spike collar is a bit a cliche. So we set out to keep the spirit of Scrappy intact while giving him the Brandiose treatment and expand the Mahoning Valley Scrappers family of designs.

Tomorrow sketches!

Scott’s Foogos

I don’t know how this came across my desk, but I know it’s been rotting in my hopper for about a week and it needs to be exposed the light of Clink’s day. Scott Modrzynski is an artist out of Rhode Island who makes homages to his favorite sports logos out of food. Weird, amazing, and completely mind-blowing. I love this kind of stuff. Really jealous that none of Brandiose’s stuff has been immortalized in this way. If someone knows Scott or can reach him, please convey to him that we’ll hook him up with Clink swag if he sends us a rendition of Clink Kong done in pencil shavings, raw hamburger, and grape jelly. And just to be sure, let it be known, we’re dead-ass serious.

Go to Scott’s blog here and check out his Flickr here.

Now if that doesn’t start your weekend off right, then you may be a lost cause. Go make something weird. A new Official On-Field next week and of course, kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!

Excited for the Bay-to-Bay Series?

We are! We’ve been wanting to drum up a rivalry from scratch for a while now and the advent of Pensacola Blue Wahoos parking themselves near the Mobile BayBears’ has made it all possible. If any Clinkers are within 27 hours driving distance from either Pensacola, FL or Mobile, AL You are required to be come rabid fans of either team, attend the entire home-stand, and root for the teams of your choosing furiously. More stuff that we dreamed up for this rivalry coming soon.

Joyce vs. Keith

Here‘s a fun waste of 2 minutes. Can you tell the who the author is of these selected 10 quotes? And your choices? James Joyce vs. Kool Keith (aka Dr. Octagon, Dr. Dooom, Black Elvis). I own a Dr. Octagon record and have read “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man” and got 5 out of 5. It was hard. And fun.

Head here to have a go.

Super7xBrandiose – Pt. 1

Super7 called us a few months back, said they were fans, then we said we were fans, then we both said “jinx”. Then we decided to do a hat together. They said, lets do a snapback of Joshua Herbolsheimer’s Rose Vampire, then we said uh, like yeah. Then we did it. These were the first few sketches we put together.

We decided to go with the Rose Vampire making sweet sweet tender Vampire-love to a baseball bat. With a bloody “S7” alongside a simplified Kong icon on the back.

Tomorrow, we’ll sneak the collaboration. Tomorrow at Noon PST/3pm EST the snapback will go on sale!