Scott’s Foogos

I don’t know how this came across my desk, but I know it’s been rotting in my hopper for about a week and it needs to be exposed the light of Clink’s day. Scott Modrzynski is an artist out of Rhode Island who makes homages to his favorite sports logos out of food. Weird, amazing, and completely mind-blowing. I love this kind of stuff. Really jealous that none of Brandiose’s stuff has been immortalized in this way. If someone knows Scott or can reach him, please convey to him that we’ll hook him up with Clink swag if he sends us a rendition of Clink Kong done in pencil shavings, raw hamburger, and grape jelly. And just to be sure, let it be known, we’re dead-ass serious.

Go to Scott’s blog here and check out his Flickr here.

Now if that doesn’t start your weekend off right, then you may be a lost cause. Go make something weird. A new Official On-Field next week and of course, kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!


2 thoughts on “Scott’s Foogos

  1. Pleasant surprise seeing this up on The Clink Room today! Thanks for the kind words, and if it’s burger, jelly and pencil shavings ye ask for, ye shalt receive it.

    @JC, I’m well aware of starving Africans, so fear not, ALL of my Foogos get eaten (if not immediately, my good friend Tupperware saves them for later). Waste not, want not. That said, I’m not thrilled about a pencil burger and jelly sandwich, but hell, I used to drink the water I used to clean my paint brushes because I felt bad for wasting it… Aside from dementia, acrylic residue shows no signs of physical harm.

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