Scrappy B.T.S- Pt. 1

This is the original Scrappy and I’ll be honest when we got the call to update this little guy we were pretty nervous. We considered this guy to be a classic. The design embodies the folksy quality that we love in MiLB. But we knew there were a few things we could improve upon. Some of the detail junked up the embroidery on the on-field hat and the spike collar is a bit a cliche. So we set out to keep the spirit of Scrappy intact while giving him the Brandiose treatment and expand the Mahoning Valley Scrappers family of designs.

Tomorrow sketches!


3 thoughts on “Scrappy B.T.S- Pt. 1

  1. solid! i’ll be in the area in a couple months for phish at burgettstown PA planning on swinging by the ballpark to pick up an on-field to mark my 3rd cap in my MiLB Fitteds Tour! (following Altoona and Lake County last year!)

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