Congrats to Pat Cusick!

Pat Cusick of San Diego, CA is our winner of Baseball Season Tracker Poster, designed by Jared Fanning. Just look at this picture of Pat decked out in his finest bean & cheese. Man this is great!

Thanks for entering everyone! Samm, your Spivey-man poster was a very close second. Samm, email me with your shipping info and I’ll get you a conciliation prize.

Pat, email me with you shipping info and we’ll get you the awesome poster.

Season Tracker Contest-Rundown!


These are a few of our favorite photo submissions for Jared Fanning’s Season Tracker giveaway. And boy are there some great ones. Samm at the Diamondbacks’ game sporting some serious AZ pride.

And look at Samm with his awesome Spivey-man poster.

Tyler at the Giants’ game in a big family pile.

A few other entries that I liked. Like Jeffe representin’ and Sean on the edge of his seat.

We’ll announce our winner tomorrow!

Railroad Co. Logo Design Evolution

Check this incredible collection of logo designs documenting the progression of Railroad companies for last umpteen-hundred years. It’s interesting to see the fashion and style of the eras evolve. It’s even more interesting to see all the nuances I’m going to steal. Go to Christian Annyas’ great site (here) to see the whole timeline.

Contest! Baseball Season Tracker

How ’bout we celebrate the opening of the baseball season with a giveaway?! Clinker Jared Fanning has generously offered up his latest creation as a prize. Jared’s Baseball Season Tracker is a marvel of design, simplicity, and whimsy. I can’t think of a cooler way to fanatically follow your team, be it a winning or loosing one, and crescendo with a treasured souvenir. Jared is one of those designers whose arrow shoot true. Know what I mean? Every decision is uncluttered. When I try to do uncluttered, it often feels boring to me. But Jared manages to do uncluttered with whimsy, and if know anything about Brandiose, we’ve got a soft spot for whimsy.

Check out all of Jared’s great work at his site here.

Lets take a closer look at this Baseball Tracker. Here is the poster as you recieve it, unmarked by the season’s adventures.

Here’s a sample of what it looks like all marked up. Pretty great.

Jared’s done a great job of focusing the statistics on a few key figures. The red bars jutting each way according to wins or loses is a great whole season visualization.

You can even track how many games you’ve been to, how many hot dogs consumed, and of course how many beers, I mean beverages, consumed.

Email us a photo of you at a baseball game, it could be a photo of you and your Pops at a game in the 70’s in full afro, it could be you and your buddies at a game last year, it could you at a ballgame in Clink gear. High School, MLB, MiLB, or tee ball we don’t descriminate. Jared, Jason, and myself will pick our favorite, the funnier, weirder, cooler, cleverer, goofier, dumber, the better. If your photo matches those descriptions best then you’ll get a Baseball Tracker poster and we’ll throw in some Clink stuff as well.

Email your photos to…

We’ll stop taking entries on Sunday, April 15th. We’ll announce the winner Tuesday April 17th. If you don’t win this contest, or don’t want to wait to see if you won, head on over to Jared’s site to grab yours here. Thanks Jared for this cool idea and your great design!