Jesse’s Glowfish BTS – Pt.3

And here are Jesse’s final Illustrator versions. We really liked the final version of these designs. But, like a lot of the collaboration designs they had a little too much detail for embroidery.

So we simplified the design but tried to keep it’s same character. And instead of having the detail in different colors we opted for Clink’s signature embroidery detail. Here’s the final Illustrator version and the stitch instructions showing off those scales.

Tomorrow morning we’ll preview the hat. Tomorrow night at 9PM PST Midnight EST the hat will be go on sale.


8 thoughts on “Jesse’s Glowfish BTS – Pt.3

  1. Hmm…curious to see the final result.
    Initial reaction is that it’s a little too simple now. I loved the amount of detail in Jesse’s design.

    And why decide to lose the baseball shape of the fish’s “glowstick”?

  2. Aha! I can’t wait to see the final embroidery. Simplifying always makes designs stronger. This is great Jesse!

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