Jesse’s Glowfish Available Tonight!

Available tonight in the Clink Room store, here. Tonight at 9PST/Midnight EST.


10 thoughts on “Jesse’s Glowfish Available Tonight!

  1. Agreed. The scales stitching really makes this pop and gives it dimensionality! I also like how the fin and the inner mouth is handled. Clink made great choices on how to enhance Jesses work. Great job both!

  2. Very nice! I wasn’t sure the simplification would work, but I was wrong. The stitching makes all the difference. It adds a whole other dimension to the logo. Great work Jesse, Casey, and Jason!

  3. Would it be possible to have the final thread color choices listed with new releases? Referring to the color chart you attach with collaboration entry forms. I feel like there are about five different colors on that chart that could be the blue in the eyes there.
    Maybe I’m alone in my interest in knowing these sorts of things. If this is a tall order, don’t worry about it.

    Great job on this guy by the way. Those teeth look absolutely sick. Love it.

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