MLB Mascots Tattoo

Check this guy’s rig. Every MLB mascot tattooed on his ribcage. I’ll bet Mr. Met was most painful.

via BuzzFeed


3 thoughts on “MLB Mascots Tattoo

  1. i know green man originated as a philly thing but those two canucks fans have totally made me think it’s a vancouver thing. they do it the best.

  2. i read about this tattoo a few months ago. the Pirate Parrot has glazed over eyes and stars circling his haed, for the Doc Ellis LSD game. the B-More Oriole has “Fuck Face” on his bat knob for obvious reasons. Angles is represented by a rally monkey. Wally is missing an easy ground ball (sorry Sawx fans). plenty of other stuff as well. REALLY well thought out and fun tat!!!

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