O.G. K.C. Royals B.T.S.

Check this O.G. Behind-the-Scenes of the Kansas City Royals branding that Jason found. Pretty sweet.

Next week we’ve got something fun planned for Thursday’s release. Kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!


8 thoughts on “O.G. K.C. Royals B.T.S.

  1. “What’s with all the bulls though?”

    Kansas City was once proud to be labeled one of America’s foremost “cowtowns”. The Kansas City Stockyards were the driving force behind the city’s economy for the period between their establishment in 1871 until the Great Flood of 1951.

    In fact, the Kansas City Royals’ name is at least partially inspired by the city’s history as a leading center for the sale and processing of livestock. In 1899, a national Hereford cattle show was held in the Kansas City Stockyards. The show grew into an annual event, the Kansas City Livestock Show, that was redubbed The American Royal in the early 1900s.

    It is thought that the Kansas City Royals’ name is a nod to the importance of The American Royal livestock show, as well as a tribute to a pair of Kansas City’s previous long-term baseball teams, the Monarchs of the Negro Leagues (a monarch is a royal personage) and Blues of the Western League and American Association (royal is a shade of blue).

  2. You can’t combine cows and royalty and make it work. Lots of those look realllly dated. Much more so than their current. The bottom left would make a cool retro beer logo, though.

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