Spokane Indians OOF BTS Pt 3

And here they is. I tried breaking them down into a linear evolution but if my memory is correct, there was some doubling back in there.

And here she is, the final primary logo! Pretty crazy process to get to this point but I think it was well worth it.

You know the routine. Tomorrow morning we’ll preview the hat. Tomorrow night, 9PM PST/Midnight EST the hat will be available.

Spokane Indians OOF BTS Pt 1

Spokane Indians Official On-Field coming at you Thursday night. Before we release the hat, lets give a little back story. Forgive me if you’ve seen some of this on the Brandiose site. Hopefully you’ll see a few new things in this BTS.

Just like every team rebrand we start with a trip to the team’s hometown for some in-depth research. Spokane is a beautiful town so there was plenty of natural beauty to inspire. Check these old postcards that we found. Better than any digital camera could do if you ask me.

There is an artist named George Flett, member of the Spokane Indian tribe, that we found absolutely captivating. So we dug up as many George Flett works that we could find.

With a name like the Indians, it was important to be respectful to the Spokane Indian tribe first and foremost. That’s why we went to the elders of the Spokane Indian tribe and asked for permission to use the Spokane Indians name. We also asked for permission to use one of their symbols. They graciously gave us permission to use the feather. I still get the warm fuzzies thinking about that whole experience. Tomorrow, sketches!

RIP to My 2011 Vans

I buy a couple pairs of Vans a year and wear them till they look like this. Right up to the point where they start to let small rocks in through the soles. Then I photograph them, build a small cedar boat, light them afire, and play taps with my mouth trumpet in full salute. That last part is a lie. But no lie, these are probably my 15th pair of these same style Vans in about 10 years.

Why do I do this? The last 3 weeks of their life. They become one with my foot. In otherwords, the last 3 weeks have been glorious.

Goodbye Number 15, you’ve served your duty well.