Kixpo X Clink 2012 Contest!

The Clink Room is headed to Kixpo 2012 in Dallas, Texas this weekend. Jason and I will be there in the flesh, hangin out, with tons of Clink hats for sale. Tons of hats I tell you!

To kick off Clink’s first visit to Kixpo we’ve got a twitter contest for you. Here’s how it’ll work…

Starting today, Monday July 30, 2012 and continuing each day for the rest of the week leading up to Kixpo, we will send tweets from the @Kixpo account with details of the location of a Kixpo team member. Each day a new location will be revealed. The first person to arrive at the location with this sign (download here) that reads “I heart Kixpo”, wins The Clink Room Daily Prize. The 5 winners will have their names entered into a grand prize to be awarded at Kixpo. Pictures of the winners and their signs @Kixpo twitter account.

Follow Kixpo on twitter @Kixpo.

Download the flyer here.

Daily Prize: Will consist of a $40 The Clink Room Gift Card redeemable at the The Clink Room booth at Kixpo. Only one Daily Prize will be awarded per person.

Grand Prize: Will consist of a $120 TCR Gift Card redeemable at the The Clink Room booth at Kixpo.

Tomorrow we’ll show off the hats we did for Kixpo 2012. Available only at Kixpo 2012!

Baseballtown’s “Bunbino”

Tanas mentioned Jason’s hat from the Reading Eastern League All-Star Game. Did you know Reading is known as Baseballtown, USA? Well it is and here is “Bunbino,” the mascot we dreamed up for them. I’ll go into more detail on this project but I have to keep Tanas satiated in the meantime.

Tomorrow, an Official On-field! Just cause Tanas wants it.

Reject Bats

Look at these rejects from the bat factory. Lathes are the scariest tool in woodworking. I can only imaging what the process of these hats being made looked like.

Thanks Clinker Crazy Hotdog Vendor for the photos! Kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!

Reading Eastern League ASG

So Jason and I made it to the insanity known as the 2012 Eastern League All-Star Game. You may remember the amazing video explaining the Home Run Derby hitting challenge. Here are a few photos from the event.

This is the new mustard “Baseballtown” script we did. Front and center over the entrance.

We got to meet up with a valuable member of the Brandiose team, Skye. Skye lives on the East Coast so he rolled in with his Pops. It was fun seeing them.

Take a look at these buttheads.

One of the best part of the whole thing, the Crazy Hotdog Vendor, our buddy Jax, took to the plate. He had practiced so much for his turn at the plate that he had bore a hole in his hand. Gross and awesome. I want to be the Crazy Hotdog Vendor when I grow up.

It was an epic day. Thanks R-Phils. You’re the best!