I cannot tell a lie! Told you these sketches were great. I love the hell out of these early concepts. Great work T.J.!
Tomorrow, we’ll show you the final design and a sneak of the colorway.


11 thoughts on “Boogiemen-B.T.S.-Pt.2

  1. These are all really awesome sketches. I think TJ went the right direction with his picks, though. That boombox drawing would look great on a future hat or shirt, though.

  2. Loved how you captured 3 of the 4 elements of hip hop with the mic, spray paint can, and the record. You can tell your relationship to the culture since hip hop now only focuses on rap music solely. You did your thing with this young Scrapple. Keep up the great work.

  3. Thanks fellas, sketching is usually what I enjoy lookin at most too when it comes to artists/designers. There’s something very lively to it, no rules just whatever comes to mind. Characters are my strong suit and that’s where I went with the Boogie Men.

  4. TJ agreed! seeing sketches is where it’s at!
    Big congrats on this one. I’m really diggin’ the middle kangol cap Boogieman and the facing backward boombox version of him, not to say how it ended up wasn’t amazing either. Great character design all round!

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