Tanas’ Summer Tour 2012 Pt. 1

Check this amazing collection of photos from clinker Tanas documenting his journey through Ohio and Pennsylvania. He made a point of stopping at a couple Brandiose’s teams, picking up a hat or two along the way. You know, no big whoop. Tanas promise there will be more. Can’t wait Tanas! Keep ’em coming!


8 thoughts on “Tanas’ Summer Tour 2012 Pt. 1

  1. Thanks everyone!

    Thank you J & C for everything Clinky you guys do! i love that there is our own little community here that you created :)

    Chris – Thanks! its *PART* of me forever (literally!)

    Brandon – i dont think they’ve sold the Crosscutters home cap here at Clink yet, just the lumberjack alternate!

    Juan C – thanks it was a dream road trip!

  2. @Steven – sorry for the delayed response… i hope you see this. its the On-Field Alternate for the Lake County Captains in Eastlake, OH. its actually navy and gold. i had pics at their Classic Park but they got erased by accident :(

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