Reading Eastern League ASG

So Jason and I made it to the insanity known as the 2012 Eastern League All-Star Game. You may remember the amazing video explaining the Home Run Derby hitting challenge. Here are a few photos from the event.

This is the new mustard “Baseballtown” script we did. Front and center over the entrance.

We got to meet up with a valuable member of the Brandiose team, Skye. Skye lives on the East Coast so he rolled in with his Pops. It was fun seeing them.

Take a look at these buttheads.

One of the best part of the whole thing, the Crazy Hotdog Vendor, our buddy Jax, took to the plate. He had practiced so much for his turn at the plate that he had bore a hole in his hand. Gross and awesome. I want to be the Crazy Hotdog Vendor when I grow up.

It was an epic day. Thanks R-Phils. You’re the best!


5 thoughts on “Reading Eastern League ASG

  1. Hey that’s an amazing shirt !!!!
    Why not on sale in the clink shop ??
    That “B” hat is awesome too. But can see what is on the second one…
    Can you please post some pics of the 2 hats you wear ? Thanks a lot !

  2. And of course, the Batting HotDog Vendor will be a great logo for your next custom hat. Maybe using Klink Kong in that Vendor outfit…

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