Crosscutters Official On-Field-Tonight!

Since we already did a comprehensive behind-the-scenes of the Williamsport project, you can relive that story here. Tonight, the Williamsport Crosscutters Official On-Field (Home) is available at 9pm PST/Midnight EST.


6 thoughts on “Crosscutters Official On-Field-Tonight!

  1. LOL @ myself… i thought we were gonna get the Bunbino fitted drop today!! (i still must find where to get one, that is unless J & C had one-of-a-kinds made up for their trip to the ASG!) … but i’m happy i stirred the pot of interest for the Cutters Home On-field!

    the embroidery on this is so good… really gives an amazing 3D effect when seen in person! 😀

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