One ‘N’ Done Merit Badges!

To celebrate T.J.’s Boogiemen we thought we’d anoint it with Clink’s first Merit badge. Featuring everyone’s favorite endorsement “One ‘N’ Done” the saying that all the kids are saying.

Each Clink order for the next week is guaranteed to include with the new “One ‘N’ Done” Merit Badge. (Don’t worry yous guys that grabbed the hat on Thursday. The Merit Badge is included with your hat as well.) This is the first merit badge of many. Gotta collect the whole set!


Boom! Boom! Boom! Feel that beat? Look at that bad boy. I really like the hand-drawn style the T.J.’s final designs have. His style compliments the narrative/character-based concepts really well.

Tomorrow morning, we’ll show you the T.J.’s masterpiece. Tomorrow night at 9pm PST, Midnight EST the hat will go on sale!


Lets dig into T.J. Monteiro’s Boogiemen! This was a One-and-doner if I recall correctly. And what a one-n-Doner it was. I love this concept. Not only is a great design, but it’s funny and a perfect fictional team name. When we first started opening up the Clink Room to collaborations this is exactly the type of designs we hoped to get.

Here are some of T.J.’s inspirations.

T.J. was also inspired by this classic from MC Shan. “Hip hop was set out in the dark They used to do it out in the park.”

Tomorrow, T.J.’s epic sketches. And I mean it, epic.

Allison Schulnik’s “Forest”

There are some mindblowing videos out there, as seen from Tuesday’s “Kings of Power 4 Billion Percent.” Here’s another mindblower. This time from the artist Allison Schulnik. She’s an amazing painter and animator. I got my degree in painting and her work reminds me of why I love painting.

FOREST – Allison Schulnik from FIBRA on Vimeo.

Next week, T.J.’s Boogiemen! Kick this weekend’s ass everyone!