Asheville Tourists – B.T.S. Pt.1

Ready for a little Asheville Tourist behind-the-scenes? I am! Followed up by an Official On-Field? Yep! Lets do this.

It started with what was definitely one of our best visits to a hometown. Asheville is an amazing town with amazing people. Great BBQ, gorgeous natural beauty, great architecture and drum circles. What more can a boy ask for? The in game experience was very unique. More partiers and college kids than we normally see at a MiLB game. There was also a lot or mingling. Felt like a summer camp. So we ran with some of those themes. McCormick Field, home of the Asheville Tourists, has an incredible baseball and Nascar history to it. The Babe played there. You can see him dressed in full tourist regalia in one of the concepts below.

Tomorrow, more sketches! Cause one round just aint enough.


2 thoughts on “Asheville Tourists – B.T.S. Pt.1

  1. The sketches are really good and that, but i still wonder why they wanted to get rid of their old tourist-bear. Such an iconic mascot & it looked so cool on a hat. They still sell them at I got mine from there…

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