Ready for some Football?

Here’s the great Monday Night Football commercial running right now. Monday Night Football being one of the great inventions of the 20th century, I wholeheartedly approve.

I may have got a little verklempt watching this video of a guy earning a scholarship as a walk-on at Vanderbilt. MAY HAVE.

And here’s Jason’s getup for the next 5 months. Roll tide ya big dork. Roll tide!

Podcast Hoedown-August 2012

I love me my Podcasts. Love em. Listen to at least 3 a day. They are the best thing to design to. I’m convinced that podcasts are made especially for designers. I can’t write an email to save my life with one playing. But get in Illustrator, get in front of my sketch book and podcasts will treat you right. In the ever changing an growing world of podcasts here is my updated list of my top recommends for July 2012. Get on all these. (Disclaimer: Some, and by some I mean all, of these podcasts can get a little adult in their themes. Just language and a little real talk. Still worth a mention before you play these on a road trip with your kids.)

Nerdist! Made up of Chris Hardwick, Johan Ray and Matt Mira. I really love these guys. It’s one of the most sincere podcasts that you’ll find. Authentically nerdy. Very entertaining. They have great guests and their “hostful” episodes are always fun. It took me a couple listens to align my grove with theirs, but it’s worth it and par for the podcast course. Check out their scene here.

Doug Loves Movies! Do you like game shows? Do you like comedians? Do you love movies? Doug Benson’s podcast is a recording of his live show where him and his comedian buddies play games, talk about movies, and yell at each other. It’s always entertaining. Check out their scene here.

Comedy Bang Bang! This podcast has recently been turned into a show on IFC. It’s the weirdest of all my Podcast. It took me 10 listens to really understand what the hell was going on. But it’s worth it. Hot Saucerman is the host, he and his powerhouse guests act out the strangest collection of improve I’ve ever heard. Strange and amazing. Check out their scene here.

Professor Blastoff! Man this is a great show. Tig Notaro, David Huntsberger, and Kyle Dunnigan pick a topic, usually scientific or sociological, sometimes have experts join in. The conversations usually run astray of the topic but it’s always interesting and funny. Tig is dry and hilarious. David is sincere and curious. And Kyle, well, Kyle recites rhymes. When they’re not cracking each other up, they’re making fun of the producer Aaron, when they’re not doing that, they’re sharing valuable life lessons. I love them all. This is another podcast with sincere hosts and I love that. Check out their scene here.

Uhh Yeah Dude! It’s not really a podcast as much as it is a dancecast. I’ve mentioned Jonathan and Seth before on Clink. It’s still my reigning champcast. Just listen to it. Just get to know it. Just love it. UYD4L. Seat belts. Check out their scene here.

Round the Clink-uverse

Every once in a while we like to rundown what’s going on in the Clink-uverse. Here tiz is.

How come I’ve never heard of the the Pixar short “Partly Cloudy”? It’s spectacular! Good God these guys are amazing.

What does that video short have to do with the Clink-uverse? When we were in the Bay Area a few months ago we drove around the Pixar campus just to see if some of that pixie dust (Pixar Dust?) would rub off. Here’s a picture from the rental car as we creepily rolled by. I think I heard the guard yell, “Stalker!”

(NSFW-ish) Here is a really cool video featuring an amazing song by Le1f. He’s wearing wearing a jersey emblazoned with the logos, wordmark, and numbers that we designed for Mishka.

And here’s the world’s most disgusting jersey design.

Kixpo 2012-Rundown!

We had a lot of fun in Dallas last weekend. It was our first time ever offering Clink hats in person. It was a very interesting experience and we learned a lot. Thanks to everyone who grabbed a hat. We met a lot of very nice, very cool people.

BIG, HUGE thanks to Dead Stock for treating us so well. Definitely the best part of the whole experience was hanging out with the DS crew. Thanks again guys, you’re a class act.

These photos were taken before the gates open. There were nearly 5000 Kixponians. It was great!