9 to the Nines: Update Pt. 3

And here are the final designs! We had so much fun doing these. We’ve talked to the directors of the Olivet Boys & Girls Club and they tell us the kids love the designs. It felt great to hear that. Next time we’re in Reading we’ll have to stop by the Boys & Girls Club to see the designs in their natural habitat. Without further delay the Warrior Cheetahs, Awesome Wildcats, C-St. Cobras, Golden Panthers, and the Lighting Wolves!

On Tuesday we’ll start the Sirens behind-the-scenes with the hat available Thursday night!!!! Man is this hat a looker! Kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!

9 to the Nines: Update Pt. 1

Finally! 9 to the Nines update! For those of you not familiar with 9 to the Nines. 9 to the Nines is a program that Jason and I created with the help of our good buddies the Reading Phillies. The idea was to bring our process of designing sports logos for professional sports teams to deserving kids. Then with the help of the Reading Phillies, we tricked them out in hats t-shirts and uniforms. Our first set of kids was the Olivet Boys & Girls Clubs and it was one of the most memorable experiences that we’ve ever had here at Brandiose.

The kids we’re so great, so fun, and so talented! We got some great ideas from them. In fact one thing that was missing from the last update was the kids sketches. We’ve photographed a few of our favorites. Take a gander at these humdingers.

Tomorrow Sketches, Friday the final designs!

Thanks for Your Patience

I know we’re always teasing and telling you guys to just wait to see what’s coming. To be honest, we’re taking too long on all this stuff. But there’s so much to figure out, so much to design, and so little time to get it done. But that’s a me problem and not a you problem. So here’s a quick rundown….

• New blog design, new store design, new “Designed-By-Clinkers” section.

• That also means, yes, NEW contests! I know, I know, I miss them too. But we’re going to reboot the contests with all sorts of fun stuff. It’ll be worth the wait.

• We’ve got a bunch new hats styles coming your way in the next few weeks. They look amazing and I can’t wait to show them to you guys.

• We’ve also got a really cool new partner that will help supercharge The Clink Room into it’s new incarnation. They love what we’re doing and are going to help us do more of it, faster! Clink’s biggest problem? We’re slow as molasses. They’re helping us to change that. Thanks for your patience!

Kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!

Northwest League ASG

Here a look at another All-Star Game logo that the Brandiose team dreamed up. This time it’s for the Northwest League All-Star Game hosted in Everett, Washington by the Everett AquaSox. They, of course, don’t play on a field up there in Everett but in a pond with chalk marks. Hey, if Minor League Baseball can defy the laws of fun why not the laws of physics?

Check these sketches from early on in the process.

Round the Clink-Uverse

Man, lots of cool messages from the outer Clink-uverse. Here are some of the best…

Here’s Russell Wilson, QB for the Seattle Seahawks, sporting our Asheville Tourists uniform and logo that we designed while he summons his inner Bo Jackson, excelling in baseball and football. Thanks Clint!

Here’s Jared Fanning’s pin board in his studio. We’re honored to have Clink be so heavily represented. Thanks Jared!

Here’s the Omaha Storm Chasers Triple-A Championship ring with our “O” bolt logo we designed. First Lil Wayne now the logo is incased in gold and diamonds. That little design is living a lavish lifestyle.

Lastly, one of the coolest photos we’ve ever gotten here at Clink HQ, this amazing framed Clink tableau, featuring our tissue paper, patches, tags, and signed post card. So flattered Scott! Thank you!