Northwest League ASG

Here a look at another All-Star Game logo that the Brandiose team dreamed up. This time it’s for the Northwest League All-Star Game hosted in Everett, Washington by the Everett AquaSox. They, of course, don’t play on a field up there in Everett but in a pond with chalk marks. Hey, if Minor League Baseball can defy the laws of fun why not the laws of physics?

Check these sketches from early on in the process.


7 thoughts on “Northwest League ASG

  1. I really like the pencil sketch below the finished product. It’s simpler, but I suppose the client wanting the frog in there, forcing the solution above.

  2. Nice work J&C,
    I really dig the logo that made it! The treeline and mountains set it off nicely. I’m also loving that star design on the 3rd sketch, but not so much the anchor and frog, so I think that your best concept of the water field made it for a good reason.

  3. ps. any hints on a theme for the next comp? my pencil hand is getting itchy and I need some inspiration! I’m really feeling some water based animals/creatures at the moment, especially with the above Everett concept.

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