Thanks for Your Patience

I know we’re always teasing and telling you guys to just wait to see what’s coming. To be honest, we’re taking too long on all this stuff. But there’s so much to figure out, so much to design, and so little time to get it done. But that’s a me problem and not a you problem. So here’s a quick rundown….

• New blog design, new store design, new “Designed-By-Clinkers” section.

• That also means, yes, NEW contests! I know, I know, I miss them too. But we’re going to reboot the contests with all sorts of fun stuff. It’ll be worth the wait.

• We’ve got a bunch new hats styles coming your way in the next few weeks. They look amazing and I can’t wait to show them to you guys.

• We’ve also got a really cool new partner that will help supercharge The Clink Room into it’s new incarnation. They love what we’re doing and are going to help us do more of it, faster! Clink’s biggest problem? We’re slow as molasses. They’re helping us to change that. Thanks for your patience!

Kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!


12 thoughts on “Thanks for Your Patience

  1. I’m excited for the changes, but also a little nervous. I’m only nervous about he new partner. What that means, I’m not sure, but I just hope that the clinkroom is still very you. I’d hate to see you handover too much control and have the clinkroom become something totally different. That being said, it’s a decision you are making so I’m sure there is nothing to fear.

    But seriously, how about these new contests. That is some very exciting news!

    • Still going to be 100% ran by Jason and myself. I don’t want to change the vibe in here. Especially the contest culture, that’s the best part of Clink. We’re just going speed things up!

  2. I hate to bust your hump about “taking too long”, being “slow as molasses”, and the need to “speed things up”, BUT…

    I’m dying to know what happened with the “9 to the Nines” event!!!

  3. All I heard was…CONTESTS – YEAAAHHHH BABY!
    Hopefully there are some sort of staged prizes withing the contests too, not just the old winner takes all scenario. As there were so many good entries that missed out last contest.
    Oh yeah a new site is a bonus too!

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