9 to the Nines: Update Pt. 1

Finally! 9 to the Nines update! For those of you not familiar with 9 to the Nines. 9 to the Nines is a program that Jason and I created with the help of our good buddies the Reading Phillies. The idea was to bring our process of designing sports logos for professional sports teams to deserving kids. Then with the help of the Reading Phillies, we tricked them out in hats t-shirts and uniforms. Our first set of kids was the Olivet Boys & Girls Clubs and it was one of the most memorable experiences that we’ve ever had here at Brandiose.

The kids we’re so great, so fun, and so talented! We got some great ideas from them. In fact one thing that was missing from the last update was the kids sketches. We’ve photographed a few of our favorites. Take a gander at these humdingers.

Tomorrow Sketches, Friday the final designs!


6 thoughts on “9 to the Nines: Update Pt. 1

  1. The creativity, exuberance and promise that shines forth from these sketches is a tonic for the soul.

    Kudos to you for inspiring children to such heights!!!

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