9 to the Nines: Update Pt. 3

And here are the final designs! We had so much fun doing these. We’ve talked to the directors of the Olivet Boys & Girls Club and they tell us the kids love the designs. It felt great to hear that. Next time we’re in Reading we’ll have to stop by the Boys & Girls Club to see the designs in their natural habitat. Without further delay the Warrior Cheetahs, Awesome Wildcats, C-St. Cobras, Golden Panthers, and the Lighting Wolves!

On Tuesday we’ll start the Sirens behind-the-scenes with the hat available Thursday night!!!! Man is this hat a looker! Kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!


7 thoughts on “9 to the Nines: Update Pt. 3

  1. Awesome work as usual guys! but I bet the collaboration and interaction with the kids was a lot of fun!

    Warrior Cheetahs, C-St. Cobras and Lighting Wolves are my favorites!

  2. Lightning Wolves, Cheetah Warriors and the Cobras are awesome! Are these eventually going to become clink hats with proceeds benefitting the Olivet Boys & Girls Club? I would definitely get those three to support the B&G Club.

  3. 1) Warrior Cheetahs
    2) Awesome Wildcats
    3) Lightning Wolves
    4) C-St. Cobras
    5) Golden Panthers

    Phenomenal work, gentlemen!!! Not least of all because you made the dreams of children come true.

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