New Merit Patches!

Some of you Clinkers have probably already seen these puppies in your Clink boxes. They came out pretty, pretty, pretty good.

Thanks for all the love on the Nike stuff guys! You guys are the best. It’s been a long crazy week. Kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!

Nike + Brandiose

Brandiose + Nike “Record Breaker” from Brandiose on Vimeo.

A few months ago, Nike asked us to collaborate with them on a really fun project: “Design 12 Nike T-shirts in the Brandiose style.” We imagined a ton of wild ideas in this, our first collaboration with one of our favorite brands. Head over to to go behind-the-scenes and see all the concepts we dreamed up with Nike.

You’ll also enjoy our Nike + Brandiose video by the talented Charles Bergquist. Charles brought to life one of our favorite designs in this “Record Breaker” trailer video.

Studio Team Design Pad-Now Available!

Join the Brandiose Studio Team with our official Studio Team Design Pads. These are the pads we use to dream up hat concepts and colorways Major and Minor League Baseball teams. We use these Studio Team Design Pads to bring our ideas to life and now you can too. Each hat diagram outlines all of the elements that you’ll need to call out to make your hat super custom.

Each Studio Team Design Pads features 50 pages of tearaway premium paper – that’s 150 caps templates! Plus each order comes stuffed with Clink swag! Check out the Clink Room Online Store to get your Studio Team Design Pad.

Kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!

Brandiose Sketch Pads

Here’s something new for you Clinker’s out there. Brandiose sketch pads! We created these to help us get our ideas out as fast as possible. They’re fun, they’re functional, and they’re very limited. These will be available, as usual, tonight at 9pm PST Midnight EST. Hardcore Clinkers only!

Fan Art

A great video about Fan Art. One of my favorite things about the internet is that it’s a great forum for people posting their fan art. Jason and I got our start making fan art based on our favorite Disney and movies characters in elementary school.