Legends – B.T.S. – Pt. 3

Here’s the final family of marks. I really love the color scheme on this identity. It’s strangely retro and modern. After our visit to Lexington it was very clear we wanted to use “LEX” over “Lexington”. Jason and I love local references and believe the more local colloquialisms we can squeeze into an identity the better.

Thanks for all the kind words on the rebrand Clinkers! It means a lot to us. We’ve got a bunch more new identities to unveil, so stay tuned through the next month. Tomorrow, we’ll show preview the Official On-Field hat for the Legends that will be available in the Clink store tomorrow night!

Legends – B.T.S. – Pt. 2

I love the smell of burnt graphite in the morning. Seeing these sketches again, the evolution of these sketches from the last round is really clear. Lexington has this iconic countryside and an iconic horse racing heritage. So it was clear what the logos had to have in them. It was more about what, of all the great iconography, will we choose to represent the team.

Someone mentioned that they were curious about the bats not resting on the Big “L” character’s shoulder in the final primary logo. You can see in the one sketch, 1/2 way down in the middle, that the Big “L” that we landed on started as a jockey. So the bat and riding crop were both poised for action mid-gallup. When Big “L” became a baseball player and we added the 2nd bat we all liked how the bats were caught mid-action – ready for whatever a man does with 2 bats. It was different take on the bats-on-the-shoulder thing.

Tomorrow we head to color! On Thursday morning we’ll show you the hat that will be available Thursday evening!

Legends – B.T.S. – Pt. 1

Ya’ll ready for some sketches? Man, for those Clinkers that like the sketching portion of our Behind-the-Scenes looks, this project is for you. We burned a lot of graphite on the project. I love that we did too, not a creative stone unturned. But before we hit the sketch book, of course we gotta to our research. Our trip to Lexington, KY was so great, what a gorgeous part of the country. It’s known as rgethe “Thoroughbred City” and the “Horse Capital of the World.” Rolling bluegrass hills, blue stone and white washed wood fences cut through the landscape. Very beautiful, very unique. We even got to go into the winners circle at Keeneland! So gorgeous.

Here’s Jason with the horn dude.

The Legends brand of baseball is also unique. There are a lot of horse racing thematic elements throughout the park, but it’s also one of the goofiest in-game presentations. Maybe “goofy” is not the right word. “Goofy in a top hat” is more accurate. Very fun, very cool, very classic, very classy!

More sketches tomorrow!

Helix High School Refresh

Did you know Jason and my alma mater is Helix High School in La Mesa, CA? Some of our fellow Helix Highlander alumni include Dennis Hopper, Bill Walton, Reggie Bush, and Alex Smith. It’s a great school with a great tradition. Around a year ago, the Athletic Director, and our buddy Damon Chase, asked us if we would give the classic “Mad Dog” dog logo a Brandiose refresh. I’ll admit, I was nervous retouching the classic Mad Dog.

The logo has been around forever and represents so much of the legendary sports history built by people like my football coach Jim Arnaiz. Aside from history, I think it’s one of the coolest pieces of sports logo folk art that I’ve ever come across. But after some light convincing, and a little ego messaging, we threw ourselves into the project. I mean if you have 2 alumni that rebrand pro sports franchises for a living it makes sense to call in that favor. Right? Here is our final design.

Here is a shot of the logo in action on the field. On the field I think it has the same siouette as the original, which makes me happy. But the refreshed design will probably make merchandise look great. Here’s to Helix selling a boat load of hoodies!

It was a fun way to contribute to the history of our alma mater. Jason and I were flattered to be asked to do it. We hope this new Mad Dog continues the illustrious history of Helix Charter High School. Go Mad Dogs!

Clinkers Around the World Oct. 2012

We’ve got more great pictures from Clinkers around the world starting with Tony Calvert of Monterey, CA. Tony sent us this great shot of him deejaying his set in his Blind Cave Shrimp piece. Love that people are out there having fun in our stuff.

Our IronPigs hat was spotted on the TV show Secret Princes (If I didn’t have a photo of this I wouldn’t believe that it was a real show.) Who was wearing the hat you might be asking? Why it’s the Prince of Spain, of course (Didn’t know he existed either, but proud to call him a Clinker.) Sorry I missed the Fairy Tale Finale #SecretPrinces

And last, but most definitely not least, we have Jamal Worobec of Calgary, Alberta Canada. For us, the best part of The Clink Room is getting to interact with Clinkers. Being a designer can be a lonely gig. Locked into your sketchbook or you computer, it can make you feel like your sending you work into a black-hole, that no one’s really paying attention. Then you hear from a guy like Jamal and it puts an extra spring in your step. Jamal is collecting all of our Official On-Fields and I have to say he’s doing a better job of it than we are. See that Reno Aces “GhostRiders” alternative in the back there? I’ve never seen that hat in person! Only in swatches, never on a complete hat. To Jamal and all you other Clinkers who support what we’re doing, you make our work more meaningful. Thank you!

Brawlers – Now Available!

The Brawlers is the next team to join the Night League, designed by Efra Sanchez of Torrance, CA. Efra’s design depicts the barroom-brawler in all his debouchery. Popeye and Brutus ain’t got nothin’ on this bad mama-jama. Crafted by New Era, the Brawlers is an all black hat with a black undervisor with with and grey embroidery.

Go HERE to our online store to get yours.

Kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!