Clinkers Around the World Oct. 2012

We’ve got more great pictures from Clinkers around the world starting with Tony Calvert of Monterey, CA. Tony┬ásent us this great shot of him deejaying his set in his Blind Cave Shrimp piece. Love that people are out there having fun in our stuff.

Our IronPigs hat was spotted on the TV show Secret Princes (If I didn’t have a photo of this I wouldn’t believe that it was a real show.) Who was wearing the hat you might be asking? Why it’s the Prince of Spain, of course (Didn’t know he existed either, but proud to call him a Clinker.) Sorry I missed the Fairy Tale Finale #SecretPrinces

And last, but most definitely not least, we have Jamal Worobec of Calgary, Alberta Canada. For us, the best part of The Clink Room is getting to interact with Clinkers. Being a designer can be a lonely gig. Locked into your sketchbook or you computer, it can make you feel like your sending you work into a black-hole, that no one’s really paying attention. Then you hear from a guy like Jamal and it puts an extra spring in your step. Jamal is collecting all of our Official On-Fields and I have to say he’s doing a better job of it than we are. See that Reno Aces “GhostRiders” alternative in the back there? I’ve never seen that hat in person! Only in swatches, never on a complete hat. To Jamal and all you other Clinkers who support what we’re doing, you make our work more meaningful. Thank you!


4 thoughts on “Clinkers Around the World Oct. 2012

  1. I wonder why the Prince of Spain didn’t have a Blue Rocks or Storm Chasers hat? You know, for the Royals connection….heh.
    Also, anyone reading this blog post should Google that Ghost Riders hat for a better look…..Wow is she a beaut! I am truly envious of Jamal’s collection here.

  2. Patrick – I’m all about that “Ghost Riders” (Aces Alt.) too and not to mention those awesome Reading Baseballtown ones down front, which I’ve never seen before either!?

  3. I am blushing, thank you for the kind words. It makes it really easy to have passion for Jason and Casey’s work when they infuse it with so much of their own.

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