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Did you know Jason and my alma mater is Helix High School in La Mesa, CA? Some of our fellow Helix Highlander alumni include Dennis Hopper, Bill Walton, Reggie Bush, and Alex Smith. It’s a great school with a great tradition. Around a year ago, the Athletic Director, and our buddy Damon Chase, asked us if we would give the classic “Mad Dog” dog logo a Brandiose refresh. I’ll admit, I was nervous retouching the classic Mad Dog.

The logo has been around forever and represents so much of the legendary sports history built by people like my football coach Jim Arnaiz. Aside from history, I think it’s one of the coolest pieces of sports logo folk art that I’ve ever come across. But after some light convincing, and a little ego messaging, we threw ourselves into the project. I mean if you have 2 alumni that rebrand pro sports franchises for a living it makes sense to call in that favor. Right? Here is our final design.

Here is a shot of the logo in action on the field. On the field I think it has the same siouette as the original, which makes me happy. But the refreshed design will probably make merchandise look great. Here’s to Helix selling a boat load of hoodies!

It was a fun way to contribute to the history of our alma mater. Jason and I were flattered to be asked to do it. We hope this new Mad Dog continues the illustrious history of Helix Charter High School. Go Mad Dogs!


14 thoughts on “Helix High School Refresh

  1. Nicely done, gentlemen!!! The “Brandiose refresh” of the logo doesn’t seem to have slowed the football team down: the Highlanders are 6-1.

    All that’s missing from the logo – both the original and the update – is a tam o’shanter atop the dog’s noggin.

    Great work!!!

  2. Serious question: Do you worry about the logo being messed up or bastardized or something by the school? I know the AD is your buddy so hopefully he’ll keep it from getting out of hand, but at my alma mater, the coaches are allowed to basically do whatever they want with the logos so you generally see the quality go down year to year, or you see it paired with horrible lettering or something like that.

    I did a logo for my friend who was the boy’s soccer coach and since then he has moved on and I’m worried about how that logo is going to end up being used eventually.

    • Brandon, you’ve got to let your creations spread their wings! Sure they might get an unflattering drop shadow or make-out with a 3. But those comic sans memories will last a lifetime.

      But in all seriousness, it’s a high school logo. If they screw it up that means they’re using it and making it their own. Both great things.

  3. Firstly, cracker job on the refresh guys!
    I really like what you did with the eyes and that you used the same green as the collar, good choice! 😉

    Brandon – I’m sure Jason & Casey have some sort of brand usage policy/guidelines to go along with their logo’s and wordmarks to ensure that comic sans is used nowhere near their stunning logos. However, as this seems to just be a refresh of an old logo for an old pal, maybe not?…

  4. By now I think you al knew I was going to ask my world famous question of…are we going to be able to get in on this one¿ I most definitely would love to get in on the one you are working on with the kid’s school. I try to support the kids best I can and you guys make it majorly easy to do so.

  5. Thank you again Casey and Jason for the update of our logos. We are currently in the final stages of the trademark process and have worked very hard to protect the images. One of the reasons we started this process is that we had coaches and other staff members using many different versions of the scottie dog logo. We sought not only an update, but consistency in the images that we were using. Along with the dog logo, Jason and Casey also developed an “H” logo and script for us that we are using with all of our teams thus creating a consistent brand. Thanks again guys, your great work is appreciated.

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