Lexington Legends

Head to the Lexington Legends.com to see more from the unveil. Next week, we’ll show you a behind-the-scenes. Kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!


8 thoughts on “Lexington Legends

  1. I hope you talk about the new logo a bit. I’d love to hear why the bats are hovering behind the head rather than resting on the shoulders! The two dramatically different font choices are interesting too. More details, please!

  2. Congratulations on the rebrand. From someone who attended the “unveil” down town Lexington Thursday, I can assure all Clinkers that they will not be disappointed. Although the Legends switched affiliates from my favorite team(The Houston Astros) to the KC Royalsm I will still support them. Looking forward to the Behind the Scenes stuff next week, and already have one(!) of the new hats.

    Back to work with me.


  3. Lots of elements I love in this brand set – the Legends script (those off-white uniforms are great), the serifs on LEX, the white fence, and of course the ‘stache – the team and fans will definitely have a lot of fun with that. Looking forward to the behind-the-scenes!

  4. Any word on if the hats will be available elsewhere besides the Lexington Legends website? Unfortunately, they don’t ship to Hawaii so I’m trying to figure out a way to get my hands one the L-State fitted.

  5. Mos def looking forward to the behind-the-scenes on this one guys!
    Keen to see if old Big L had a different look at any stage, as you seem to have gone with a very old school look for him…
    Also, I really dig the staggered “LEX” mark 😉

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