Legends – B.T.S. – Pt. 1

Ya’ll ready for some sketches? Man, for those Clinkers that like the sketching portion of our Behind-the-Scenes looks, this project is for you. We burned a lot of graphite on the project. I love that we did too, not a creative stone unturned. But before we hit the sketch book, of course we gotta to our research. Our trip to Lexington, KY was so great, what a gorgeous part of the country. It’s known as rgethe “Thoroughbred City” and the “Horse Capital of the World.” Rolling bluegrass hills, blue stone and white washed wood fences cut through the landscape. Very beautiful, very unique. We even got to go into the winners circle at Keeneland! So gorgeous.

Here’s Jason with the horn dude.

The Legends brand of baseball is also unique. There are a lot of horse racing thematic elements throughout the park, but it’s also one of the goofiest in-game presentations. Maybe “goofy” is not the right word. “Goofy in a top hat” is more accurate. Very fun, very cool, very classic, very classy!

More sketches tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “Legends – B.T.S. – Pt. 1

  1. Casey you sure delivered with this goldmine of sketches and then the extra treat of “more sketches tomorrow”!?… hell yeah!

    I find it hard to believe that no “horse racing” inspired designs were used as the final designs. You mentioned that these elements were themes throughout the park, so what’s the deal? Was it something to do with the club not wanting to embrace that any further or simply just wanting a re-vamp of their old stuff?…

    Anyway, I’m with Kurt and Erik on the baseball/horseshoe combo designs, they are simple and work really well. As well as the “LL” with the horse jumping between them (third row, right).

    I also really dig the “Big L” character with the bat over his shoulder. He is exactly what I was thinking when you announced the re-brand. It was a surprise to see an almost 50’s inspired look to the final “Big L”…perhaps I’ll find out why tomorrow when we see the rest of the sketches?…

    Great post guys! :)

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