Efra’s Brawlers – B.T.S. Pt. 3

Here’s the final artwork that Efra submitted to the Night League contest. Efra really is a killer character designer. The pushing up the sleeve is such a classic touch.

Here is the final “ready for embroidery” artwork. We removed some of the shadows in the head and arm.

Since Efra’s from L.A. we thought only one color way was appropriate for a hat entitled Brawlers. Tomorrow morning, we’ll preview the hat! Tomorrow night, the hat will be available!

SB Nation: United

Have you guys seen the new SB Nation: United rebrand? SB Nation is a collective of sports blogs with each blog focusing on a team, league, or region. From what I can understand, each blog operates independently and they have their own traditions, iconography, culture, etc. But to give all of SB Nation a unified look, they enlisted the help of Fraser Davidson and Vox Product who orchestrated this insane family of over 300 logos in just a few weeks!

I think the work is amazing, the idea is amazing, and the product is amazing. I’m jealous all around. Way to go Fraser Davidson and SB Nation!

Go HERE to see a behind-the-scenes of the process.Here is a short introduction to the concept of SB Nation: United.

Hope that inspires you guys to make something ambitious and great. Next week, Efra’s Brawlers! Kick this weekend’s ass Clinkers!

Disney Imaginations Competition

Here’s a dream come true. Disney’s Imagineers are holding their annual ImagiNations Design Competition. Go here to check out the details, if you are in college and want to work in the creative field, sports, entertainment, any of that, enter this competition.

Go HERE to learn more. I want to see some Clinkers enter and win this thing. I want hidden Clink Kongs sprinkled throughout the Disney Theme Parks.

Congratulations Scott!

Congrats to our good buddy Scott Hunsicker for being named Eastern League Executive of the Year. Scott helms the Reading Phillies and as you guys probably know by now, the R-Phils are one of the most innovative teams in sports. We’re proud to be apart of what they’re doing in Reading. Stay tuned for more Brandiose/Reading news!

Go here to read more about the why Scott deserves being Eastern League Executive of the Year. Congratulations Scott!


Watch this awesomely funny stop-motion video of a bunch of army men mucking it up in the garden. WARNING: These army men are the British version. I was confused for the first minute, yes, even with the accents. AND there is an F-bomb in there. So no kiddies and NSFW-ish.

Plot-oon from Chris Butcher on Vimeo.