Headed to Winter Meetings 2012

It’s that time of year again where Jason and I pack up our pencils and sketchbooks and head to the Baseball Winter Meetings. The Winter Meetings is always a lot of fun for us. We get to see a lot of our friends in baseball in the flesh, share a few beers, and make big plans for next year. If you’re in the Nashville area and see a giant bus with Brandiose on the side of it be sure to flag us down. We might have a beer or two on board for you.

As you guys have seen, the last few weeks have been big ones for us. From all our newly branded teams, to the Hat Club unveiling, to moving into the new studio. We’re tired but inspired for next year. Because the Winter Meetings are all next week, we’re going to start the behind-the-scenes of our newly branded teams the week of December 10th. Till then, we’re taking next week off! Be sure to keep sounding off with which BTS you’d like us to start off with.

So, kick this weekend and next week’s ass Clinkers! Till December 10th!

Rebranded: Eugene Emeralds

Introducing the rebranded Eugene Emeralds, Class A affiliate of the San Diego Padres! The Eugene Emeralds is a wrap up our final rebrand for the 2013 season. And I coundn’t pick a cooler project to end on. Eugene is such a cool town – full or barefoot runners, barefoot drifters, and now barefoot Squatches!

With this new design and the addition of the Sasquatch, the Eugene Emeralds are about to nuts with their fan experience. And just to make sure it’s clear, I think the Emeralds now have the craziest uniforms in Minor League baseball. Proud to have been apart of this project. A behind-the-scenes is on the way. Head over to EugeneEmeralds.com to see more…

West Michigan Whitecaps Alternates

Last summer the fine folks from the West Michigan Whitecaps asked us to come up with a few alternate hat marks to add to their Official On-Field rotation. On our visit, it became instatly clear that their affiliation with the Detroit Tigers and their proximity to Detroit was very important to their fans. So we came up wtih a couple marks that strengthen that bond with their big league affiliate.

The first design is a “WM” done in the Detroit Tigers “D” font with a jazzy wave underline. Giving fans of the Whitecaps and the Detroit Tigers a classic clean option to wear to the ballpark.

The second design takes inspiration from their existing wave logo, but we’ve “Island of Dr. Moreaued” the wave with a tiger. I love how unique and fun the result of this concept is.

Stockton Ports Alternate Logos

My apologies to Pat and his awesome team up in Stockton for the delayed posting of their new logos. We are really excited for these deigns, from the sailor to the asparagus, these designs are deeply embedded in Stockton imagery and folklore. I’ve said this too many times this week but I can’t wait to show you guys the behind-the scenes of this project.

Stockton is a great town, the heart of California’s central Valley, Stockton boasts the most inland port in the World. Most of the fruits and vegetables that are grown in California’s central Valley are shipped out of the port. Another great thing about Stockton is the Asparagus festival. Stockton is the asparagus capital of the World and that alone makes it one of my favorite cities in the World.

Speaking of asparagus, it’s Thanksgiving tomorrow!!! My favorite holiday. Over eating, football, and naps. We’re taking the rest of the week off. So kick this holiday weekend’s ass Clinkers!!!

Brandiose X Hat Club-Fall 2012

Hat Club is a hat retailer based out of Phoenix, AZ and these guys are amazing at what they do. They carry some of the best brands and do an amazing job of creating their own unique colorway callouts. Their 25 stores are spread out across the West (2 right near our offices) and they also have a great online store full of amazing styles. They approached us a little over a year ago to come up with their own designs that would be available exclusively at Hat Club stores and HatClub.com.

Over the course of the year Hat Club and Brandiose have become fast friends. That means more exclusive Hat Club designs from Brandiose on the way. This first collection is 25 strong. Everything from surf inspired designs, to a fake teams like the Black Tigers and Nugget Bears, to abstract designs, to…ah just go take a look at everything there’s a lot to sift through. Go HERE to see the first collection…

One of my favorite designs is “Sunset Cliffs”(image below, top left). The design is inspired by the neighborhood that I live in. Each day on my way home from work, the sun is setting right behind this one palm tree and I thought “Wow, that would make a cool hat.” It also has a wave print under visor, a tribute to the great surf spots in my neighborhood.

I can’t wait to show you guys a behind-the-scenes of the process of creating these hats. Stay tuned! Head over to HatClub.com to get a closer look at these bad boys.

Introducing the Reading Fightins

Brandiose is proud to present your 2013 Reading Fightins! Man do we love this name. It’s got Phillies’ Whiz Kids history and Reading-style baseball insanity all in a simple moniker. Another good behind-the-scenes coming with this one! We hope that if you’re a Reading baseball fan and are still unconvinced, that you’ll attend at least one game to see all the awesomeness that our Fightins friends have in store.


This is a season of changes at Brandiose. Announcing fresh looks for baseball teams always makes this an exciting time of year. But this year we’ve got another big change.

If you happened to be walking around downtown San Diego and saw a small black Clink Kong in the window then you were lucky enough to have stumbled upon the secret headquarters of Brandiose and The Clink Room. But starting today we get the keys to our new digs. It’s exciting stuff for Jason and I. We’ve been at this for 13 years and this is our first big boy studio. It’s going to be fun and you’ll see the new studio heavily featured on Clink. We’re already thinking of it like a new member of the team. We start the grand build-out today, so give us a couple months to get our act together. It’s going to be an exciting new chapter. Can’t wait to show you guys what we’ve got in-store…

Introducing the SWB RailRiders

The Triple-A affiliate of the New York Yankees has a new name and logo, and Brandiose is flattered that the Yankees asked us to bring it to life. The new name and identity has a lot of fun elements and stories to tell. We’re really excited for the incredible fan experience they’re cooking up for the residents of Scranton & Wilkes-Barre. The new name and identity is an homage to the very first trolley system in America (in the “Electric City”) and to the gritty porcupines that inhabit the beautiful surrounding forests. I can’t wait to show you guys the behind-the-scenes of this project. It was a really fun process.