Introducing the SWB RailRiders

The Triple-A affiliate of the New York Yankees has a new name and logo, and Brandiose is flattered that the Yankees asked us to bring it to life. The new name and identity has a lot of fun elements and stories to tell. We’re really excited for the incredible fan experience they’re cooking up for the residents of Scranton & Wilkes-Barre. The new name and identity is an homage to the very first trolley system in America (in the “Electric City”) and to the gritty porcupines that inhabit the beautiful surrounding forests. I can’t wait to show you guys the behind-the-scenes of this project. It was a really fun process.


17 thoughts on “Introducing the SWB RailRiders

  1. I love the rebrand !!!
    I see the uniforms and the hats. You made an amazing job !!!
    The Red Road hat is the best : a pure beauty with the SWB !!!!! Love it !!!
    Hope to buy it in the Clink store soon…

  2. Casey,
    I was wondering if you could speak to the design decision behind making the beaver’s teeth orange. Orange seems to be a foreign color and doesn’t stand out agains the gold particularly well. I was hoping you could tell us why you chose that as opposed to using white or gold. Just curious! Also, I see a “W” in the bottom right beaver/conductor graphic. I am searching for a “S” and a “B”, but I don’t think they are there. Is the “W” shape just a coincidence?

    • Kevin!

      Google image search a porcupine. Orange teeth! I think it clashes as well but it also makes it unique and both the team and us felt like it was an iconic touch.

      The SWB stands for Scranton Wilkes-Barre. There is an SWB mark that I forgot to add to this slick but you’ll see that in the behind the scenes.

      Yes, we have a pillbox! With custom electricity piping. It looks so cool.

  3. Excellent stuff as usual. I saw some blurry uniform schematics over on and there appears to be a special pillbox cap. If so, double sweetness.

    Really love it when minor league teams drop the parent team name and develop a unique local identity.

  4. Personally, I’m not a fan of the primary mark.

    First of all, combining the RailRiders name/theme with the Porcupine mascot strikes me as being a bit clumsy from the get-go. Yes, I get it: RailRiders was the hands-down 1st Place winner of the “Name The Team” contest, while Porcupines appeared on the most total ballots, albeit not in the 1st Place slot. Team management should have sucked it up and picked one or the other. The argument can be made that by splitting the difference and marrying two disparate themes you run the risk of muddying the identity package.

    That said, if both you and the client were dead-set on combining the RailRiders name with a porcupine mascot, I’d have opted for working the primary logo around the porcupine-as-trolley-conductor figure depicted in the lower-right logo shown above. Said mark much more effectively and evocatively melds the trolley-rail and porcupine themes. In fact, that logo and the bat-and-conductor’s cap homage to the classic bat-and-star-spangled-top-hat logo of the Yankees are both outstanding.

    As for the “R-bolt and track” logo, it too leaves me cold.

  5. There goes my hopes that the Reading Phillies would rebrand as the Reading Railroaders. Great work, guys. Are you sure this isn’t for Reading?!?!? Looks so much like a Phillies farm team (which Scranton was back when they were the Red Barons). I really like the work especially the R and tracks.

  6. Looks good but I wish they either chose porcupines or railriders, not both. I’m also wondering about the orange teeth and why is the drop shadow on the R-bolt logo not connected to the tip of the lightning bolt?

    • Jesse! Wait for the behind the scenes on this one your question of why mash both porcupines and trains will be answered I think. We explored all three options and this is the one the Yankees picked. It’s the unique choice and I’m happy they made it.

  7. Love the due diligence on the colour of porcupine teeth, never would have known that. It’s details like that which makes your work stand that much taller.

    Can’t wait for the slew of BTS’s coming up for a busy month in the Brandioseverse.

  8. Having once worked in the Minors as well as being a HUGE advocate of the industry, just wanted to drop a note to tell you what a GREAT job you guys do!! Best wishes for continued success!!!

    John Coletta

    PS Love the new SWB Name & Logo!

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